Professional Development


Romance Divas is always looking for ways to help writers with their professional development, or growth. We hope to establish various opportunities to help new writers. One way is by giving them the proper direction and guidance to get them on the right track. We have created a number of projects geared toward the unpublished and published authors. For the past few years we created scholarship funds to help our members attend the national RWA (Romance Writers of America) conference, as well as, the Mentor Program which is geared toward helping unpublished authors improve their craft through a boot-camp style mentorship…to name a few. As we grow, we plan on implementing more exciting programs that will be a valuable tool for you to become the professional writer.

As you can see we are still loading data to our newly re-designed site. This section will include details on:

♦ RD Scholarship Fund

♦ The Mentor Program

♦ Divas Writing Challenge

♦ Divas Free Reads

Thanks for visiting and check back soon.

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