Too Darn Hot: My Brief, Titillating Career as an Erotica Author



When I began writing Broken Resolutions, the first book in my Lovestruck Librarians series, I had no idea how I’d tackle the love scenes. Would my hero and heroine seal their newfound love with a chaste kiss? Would I let them have sex but fade to black during the climactic (ha!) scene, closing the bedroom door and rejoining my satisfied couple the next morning? Would I open that door but describe their sexual congress only via tasteful euphemisms involving fireworks and waves? Continue reading “Too Darn Hot: My Brief, Titillating Career as an Erotica Author”

Men in Kilts



Scottish men. Sigh. What red-blooded woman could resist a muscled man swathed in plaid with his muscled chest bare? I have always had a thing for Scottish men. Show me a man in a kilt, and I am likely swooning at their impressively sized feet. There’s just something about their fierceness of heart, their ability to turn a phrase with their Scottish burr that makes my toes curl. Those traits along with their propensity to celebrate their storied family names that make them so swoon worthy to me. Continue reading “Men in Kilts”

Mixing Humor & Romance



When I decided to write COOKING UP TROUBLE, I wanted to add a healthy dose of humor to the romance.  The thing is, I don’t consider myself very clever or witty, so it seemed like a challenge.

And then I remembered hearing Dorothy Cannell on a mystery panel.  Her book, The Thin Woman, cracked me up, but she insisted that when she wrote the scenes, they didn’t strike her as funny.  Continue reading “Mixing Humor & Romance”

I Heart Jocks



Writing romance and watching sports are two of my favorite things. Football is my game, but in general, any sport will do. I can’t help myself. Is there anything sexier than a well-toned athlete?. It’s not just their bodies. Seriously, I mean it. Not that those bulging muscles and hardened frames can be overlooked, but it takes a special kind of drive and perseverance to subject oneself to the rigorous schedules and grueling workouts required if one is going to make it to the top of pro sports. Continue reading “I Heart Jocks”

A Different Spin on Historical Fiction



To this point, most of my novels have been contemporary romances, but historical fiction has long been a love of mine. I like reading fiction, and romances in particular, that feature rich historical detail. So it was really only a matter of time before I tackled historical romance myself.

Also, being a New Yorker, I wanted to set my historical novels in New York City. Ten Days in August is set in 1896, during New York’s Gilded Age, a time period that is actually uncannily similar to the British Regency. Like the ton of the Regency, New York had the 400, so named because it was said social arbiter Mrs. Astor could fit 400 people in her ballroom. Continue reading “A Different Spin on Historical Fiction”

Putting the Romance First



Every book I’ve ever written contains a love story, some romantic, some tragic.  My other writer self, Katharine Kerr, has had to keep these love stories secondary, however, because she writes science fiction and historical fantasies, genres where the action and the magic takes center stage.  As Kathryn Jordan writing FLICKERS, I finally could put the romance at the heart of the novel. Continue reading “Putting the Romance First”

Brady Bunch Regency Style

Three Weeks to Wed hi res



As I write this I’m in the Caribbean on a boat that’s rocking to beat the band. We’ve got two anchors out and are hunkered down until the latest squall passes. That, however, has absolutely nothing to do with what I write. Regencies. I’m known for my large cast of characters, and taking otherwise perfectly eligible people and tying, what one reviewer calls, Gordian knots. My new novel, Three Weeks to Wed, is the first book in my new series, The Worthington’s. Continue reading “Brady Bunch Regency Style”

Gay Characters in Romance: Change is Good




I remember reading a romance a long time ago in which the heroine unknowingly married (or perhaps she was engaged) to a homosexual. The man was portrayed as a monster and a deviant, and we were supposed to feel greatly relieved that she was able to escape such a horrid person. I can’t remember the author, the book, or anything else about the storyline, but that one scene stayed with me.

Thinking back on that novel makes me realize how much times have changed and in such a remarkably short time. How, if people are not completely accepting of homosexuality, they are at the very least, more understanding. Continue reading “Gay Characters in Romance: Change is Good”

A Butterfly Flaps Its Wings



Sometimes things happen in life that produce ripples far down the road. Case in point – my first RWA conference in 1991. New Orleans. Hot. Steamy. And me an extreme “newbie”. (It would be another five long years before I sold my first book.)

I gobbled up workshops, of course, wanting so badly to get published. But aside from the educational aspect of the national conference, I was absolutely astounded to find out that I could get free books! Lots of them! Continue reading “A Butterfly Flaps Its Wings”