Free Reads

What the heck is the E-Book Challenge?

The E-book challenge is a network of authors–published and unpublished–who will be linked together in one place. Romance Divas hosts an annual Valentine’s Day Free Read in which authors write a story of their heart to share with the world for FREE. There are no limits. There are no word counts because these stories are created for your personal reading pleasure.

This is one way to Thank YOU, the readers, for your support.

WARNING: **Some of the free reads may be inappropriate for those under 18 years old.  We will provide genres, heat levels, and appropriate warnings. By clicking on those links, you are agreeing that you are of appropriate age to view the free reads, and we are in no way responsible for the content of these free reads as they are contributed by the authors for this special event. Please use the heat level scale to decide which stories will be suitable for you.**




Are you an author and want to join us this year? Please email [email protected] with the subject line: Free Read 201. Please provide the following details of your free read in the body of your email and on February 14th, 2011, we’ll include you on our list!

Your Website or Blog URL:
Word Count: (approximate is fine)
Content Warnings: (provide whether there are any explicit situations, language, mild content, or none if there aren’t any)
Ratings from: G, PG, PG-13, R, X (please choose which rating best fits your story)
Go to FREE READ (add URL link to where your free read is available)