Founded in November 2004 by Jax Cassidy and Kristen Painter, Romance Divas is an award winning, writer’s resource website and discussion forum dedicated to the romance and writing community.

Our vision is to provide a fun place for writers to learn about the craft and business of writing in a supportive environment, where our members share in the personal and professional journey with other aspiring and published writers.


♥ Do you have to be female to join Romance Divas?

A: NO, but if you’re a guy, it’s not a great place to pick up chicks. We have Kitty Snapdragon, our resident bouncer, waiting at the door.  All serious writers are welcome!

♥ Do I have to be a writer to join RD?

A: NO, but if you are, this is a great place to hang out. Warning: RD is virtual crack.

♥ Is a tiara mandatory when entering the forum?

A: Tiaras, crowns, boas, and the works is appreciated, but not required. However, mismatched slippers will be turned away at the door.

♥ How can we join Romance Divas?

A: Romance Divas offers a discussion forum with over 3,400 members. With the large membership, we often close off registration, so please check the home page HIGHLIGHTS regarding when we are accepting new membership. We also manual validate members so if you have trouble getting in during our open membership, please email us at admins @ to check your status.

♥ I hear Romance Divas parties are exclusive, how do I  get on the VIP list to one of those? 

A: RD hosts our private party at the same locations as the RWA annual conferences. We are not affiliated with the organization, however a majority of our members are also members of the Romance Writers of America. We’ve discovered that it’s convenient for us to host a party at a nearby venue or hotel suite to provide a place for our members to meet in person and to bond outside of the virtual universe. We’re known for our group outings, camaraderie, and vocal enthusiasm about our love for RD at the bar. If you’re a member, there is an opportunity to score access into one of our events.

♥ Will you ever host your own conference?

A: Perhaps, when the time is right.