Community Outreach


Romance Divas has a love for people and community. We are always looking for ways to better the lives of our members whether it’s through fundraisers, donations, relief funds….we know during this difficult time it’s hard for those who need it most to ask so we look for ways to create opportunities to reach out to others and those within our core membership group. We allow different ways for our members to help one another and specifically, our forum is geared toward helping others. We have everything from ways to help the environment to the Faithing Room where we allow others to ask us to send them healing thoughts and prayers. This site was created to help others and we hope that in the years to come we will be able to provide more for our members and our community.

As you can see we are still loading data to our newly re-designed site. This section will include details on our fund-raising efforts, member donations, and the Romance Divas Relief Fund….


Thanks for visiting and check back soon.

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