Racy Romances And A Scandalous First Lady

By ELLE RUSH “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” – Eleanor Roosevelt I just told a male co-worker not to buy my new book.  “Thanks for the support,” I said, “But it’s a racy romance and I don’t know if you would be comfortable reading it.”  He looked around and whispered, “Are […]


By CATHERINE NOON Writing with a Collaborator When I attended the RT Booklovers Convention last month, I got a lot of questions about writing with a collaborator.  I didn’t really expect that, so I thought I’d share some thoughts now that I’ve had time to think up a better answer than, “Um…” One way to […]

What is “Emotional Punch” and Why Do You Need it in Your Romance Novel? Part 2

By LISA WHITEFERN To intensify emotional punch you must steadily increase the emotional problems of your protagonists in a story. Think about your current heroine and hero. Are they troubled by internal doubts? Do they face self image problems? Do they have reasons for feeling they don’t deserve unconditional love?  My story is a ménage […]

Which Season is Your Book In?

By SUZAN BUTLER Ever notice how your story goes through phases while you write? Sometimes it’s hard, sometimes it’s easy, and sometimes, you wish it had a neck so you could strangle it. Sometimes it’s cooperative, other times, you wonder why you started writing it. Each story you write, like every year, has its seasons. […]