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Yoga For Writers #7




Happy feet. Are they too much to ask for? They take a lot of abuse, but they don’t get much reprieve. Yes, there are foot massages and pedicures, and they feel wonderful. However, these are occasional luxuries for many people, and aren’t affordable on a regular basis. So how do we show some love to our feet? Fortunately, yoga provides an answer.

Wine Labels: Secrets of the Universe Revealed

* WINE 101 FOR BEGINNERS series 


“In vino veritas (In wine there is truth)”, or so Pliny the Elder has been credited with saying. He would have been even better served if someone had slapped a wine label onto the amphora.  Wine labels reveal the secrets of the universe.

Okay, that’s a bit of an exaggeration; however, wine labels can tell you a lot when considering what bottle of vino you want to buy for that romantic dinner, gift for a friend, etc.

There’s a lot to know about wine, such as varietals, proper storage, styles versus grapes, oak versus unoaked and why it is a seriously bad idea to fill your pool with Champagne and go for a swim, no matter how rich you are.  Instead, I’m going to concentrate on the humble label.  This way, when you’re standing in the wine aisle, staring at the 8,000 varieties of wines and feeling like you’ve been pole-axed, you can decide what to buy based on something more than a name like Honeysuckle Sweet or Batty Old Tart.

Top Ten Reasons to have a Big Wedding


With spring in the air a young man’s fancy turns to love, but a young woman’s eye lands on an entirely different prize – a wedding, preferably a BIG one.

May and June are the traditional months for insanity – I mean weddings. So what is it about planning a wedding that turns normally rational people – Mom and Dad – into psycho parents? How can formally calm, basically boring people become raving lunatics? Turn Moms of the brides and grooms into overbearing frantic control freaks. And Fathers into misers who complain loud and long about every itty bitty expense? Like:

“Who needs a $10,000 wedding gown? You can only wear it once!”