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Water Changes Everything


Romance Divas loves giving back to the community, whether it’s to the writing world or the world at large, we do our best to help one another. When I was approached by Reviewer and Blogger Limecello to help raise awareness for the organization CHARITY: WATER, I couldn’t say no.

Weaving Music Into The Plot


I love music. I mean, who doesn’t? I grew up listening and playing classical music (piano, violin, and flute were my first instruments), and moved on to jazz, rock, and pretty much everything else! In college, I sang (I’m a soprano), and was a member of both the glee club (kind of like a big, classical chorus), and an a-cappella group that performed jazz, folk, and classic rock. When I left school and went out into the real world, wherever I lived, I joined a chorus (from which I’m currently taking a sabbatical, due to the time management challenges associated with having three young children). I own about one thousand CDs that are on rotation at home and on my car stereo, and I sing to my kids every single day.  As I sought to flesh out the heroes and heroines for the Star Harbor series, it was only natural that one of my characters be a musician.

Somebody That I Used to Know


If you listen to the radio in the car, read Forbes magazine, watch Glee, or tweet, you’ve heard—or heard about—the hit duet featuring Gotye and Kimbra. And you probably know what you’re listening to, whereas up until about two weeks ago, I had no clue. No clue that I could nail down, anyway, because I existed in a pop culture void for the last four months, learning to live with a newborn baby. While in my void, the one predictable element was the opening melody of “Somebody That I Used to Know”, which popped up on the radio every time I got in the car.

After four months of telling myself to remember the lyrics and look up the artist, I finally did…and had “A Moment”.