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Escape Publishing

Q& A with Managing Editor Kate Cuthbert

Please tell us a little bit about Escape Publishing and what influenced the decision for Harlequin to create this imprint. Is this imprint primarily focused on the Australian market or will it be available internationally? 

Escape Publishing is the digital-first arm of Harlequin Australia. We launched in the middle of November, with an aim of bringing Australian and New Zealand voices and stories to the world.

The Five Secret Desires of an Avon Impulse Editor

By LUCIA MACRO, executive editor, Avon Books/Avon Impulse

Do you think you know what an Avon editor really wants? We’re pretty sure you’ll be surprised – because we sure were, when we saw what Lucia Macro, who heads up the Avon Impulse editorial team, presented on a submission wishlist – exclusive to Romance Divas!

The New Erotic Romance Industry!


How many of you have heard of Fifty Shades of Grey? How many have read it? No matter what your opinion about this trilogy may be, there have been enormous changes in our sector of the industry-both erotica and erotic romance-in response to the crazy popularity of these books!

This shift includes every sub-genre, as well as books that walk that fine line between steamy romance and erotic. Suddenly readers can’t get enough sex! Unabashed romance readers, readers who either previously hid what they were reading or who have never read romance or erotica in their lives. There are numerous reports of people who don’t consider themselves to be readers at all picking up Fifty Shades, then reading more erotic fiction, discovering new authors and the joy in reading.