In Case You’re Wondering

Yes, the RD Forum is temporarily down. We’re pretty sure we’ve been hacked. Jax is working with our host to do what needs to be done to make everything better. We’ll keep you posted on how that’s going as we get news.

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Pitch Contest

We’re having a pitch contest at Romance Divas this month. It’s a great tool for getting feedback on your pitch before you try it out on that favorite editor or agent at Reno. Actually, it’s a great tool even if you’re not going to Reno. A short pitch is pretty close to a blurb and writing a long one can help you spot weaknesses in your plot, very much like the dreaded synopsis. Interested? All you have to do to participate is be a registered member (Forum section) then whip up a pitch, long or short, and send it to Gina Welborn.

Hey, life is complicated enough. We like easy.

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Divas Divine Blog

Hello World!

Thanks for finding your way here.

Well, at the request of our members, Romance Divas decided to create an extension of our award winning website to showcase articles, tips, and other divalicious tidbits to the writing world at large. It’s sort of a virtual mini-news magazine for us and we’re excited to have our divalightful contributors sharing their industry experience and knowledge with the many writers and readers. In the months ahead we have plenty in store for you and we hope you’ll link back to us to read the new articles, book suggestions, and much more…

As we expand, please give us suggestions on what you’d like to know and we’ll try to accommodate you. In fact, visit our forum from our main website and register. It’s a fun place to be and a great way to interact with pubbed and non-pubbed writers as well as meeting others in the same journey to publication.

Tell us what you think.

Feel free to email me at [email protected] 🙂

:: Jax

Divalicious Diversions

Because we don’t have enough going on in our lives, Jax decided we should blog, too. And this is a woman who has to schedule time to breathe. Ahem.

Anywho, here we are and I’m just starting us off with this little post. Lisa, our fabulous Member Liason and Book Review Editor will be joining us in this entry into blogging madness.

Keep your eyes on this spot for tons of fun, general goofiness, great reads, writing adventures and tales of divaness.

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