My Salute to Military Men

**RAFFLECOPTER GIVEAWAY** BY ANYA SUMMERS It’s fitting I guess that the release of my latest book, To Master & Defend, coincides with the month we tend to remember all the military men and women who have fought and died defending our country. I have always been intrigued by military men, by soldiers who embody ideologies […]

Finding Your Writing Niche

**RAFFLECOPTER GIVEAWAY** BY LUCY FARAGO Who doesn’t want the girl from the wrong side of the tracks to find her Prince Charming? Really, who doesn’t want their own Prince Charming? Now, how fun would it be to blend the romance with a great suspense? This is why I wrote Sin on the Run and why […]

Putting the Romance First

** RAFFLECOPTER GIVEAWAY** BY KATHRYN JORDAN Every book I’ve ever written contains a love story, some romantic, some tragic.  My other writer self, Katharine Kerr, has had to keep these love stories secondary, however, because she writes science fiction and historical fantasies, genres where the action and the magic takes center stage.  As Kathryn Jordan […]