Love Between the Covers


Several years ago, Kristen Painter and I were interviewed by Laurie Kahn of Blueberry Hill Productions. She was working on a powerful documentary about the romance industry called LOVE BETWEEN THE COVERS. This was a fabulous way to educate the world about a multi-billion dollar industry that has not been given the credit it deserved. Of course, we were ecstatic that we could talk about Romance Divas, the writing community we created and love so much. Although our segment didn’t make it into the film, it was still exciting to participate in such an amazing movie that really captured the writer’s journey. I was fortunate enough to see a screening before the video was released and it’s truly a wonderful and thoughtful piece. I hope it will broaden the minds of those who have been misinformed about the romance world. I encourage anyone who may be interested in learning more about this subject to support this film by purchasing a copy. Heck, have a screening party or a video night to watch with friends and family. It will be a perfect way to start a discussion and hopefully provide a better understanding of why new and seasoned writers and authors pursue this creative path. This documentary will definitely shed light on romance and hopefully erase the misconceptions and stigmas once and for all!

Want to know the origin story of Romance Divas? Take a look at this video from Love Between the Covers of me and Kristen Painter! The documentary film is available now. &

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Submissions for 2013 Free Reads (Fall Festival Theme)


I’ve opened up the submissions form for our Fall Festival Free Reads 2013, which is posted here:

Reminder: If you do hove cover art to use for this, it must tasteful – not be raunchy or explicit. If you do not, don’t worry, Jax is providing a template which we will use for all other stories.

Theme: This is a holiday themed free read. It doesn’t have to be about Thanksgiving specifically, but something that will get people into the holiday spirit. So it doesn’t matter what country you’re from and whether or not you celebrate Thanksgiving. Our target release just happens to be close to that holiday timeframe. Continue reading “Submissions for 2013 Free Reads (Fall Festival Theme)”

A New Romance Divas

Romance Divas has always been fully committed to the romance industry, our readers, and members. Our discussion forum is still as lively as when we opened our doors in 2004, but over the years we’ve been kicking around ideas that we hope will improve the site. With a solid 3 million hits a month and approximately 3400 members, it’s been an exciting and rewarding journey.

As we approach our 8th anniversary, we decided to make changes to reflect our own personal and professional transformations. Our new look is only the first step and we hope that in months to come we’ll be able to provide articles that will appeal to, not only our members in the publishing community, but also to our readers in cyberspace. Of course, with our new direction we know there’s still a lot of learning and growing pains but we’re grateful you’ve stayed around and supported us through the years!

A relaunch isn’t fun without a party…so stay tuned for our Divalicious Relaunch Extravaganza Party…we’ll provide details soon!


RD in good form

Romance Divas is up and running!

The upgrades were implemented successfully, the re-skinning of the forum is finally complete, and with a new board there’s going to be a few little glitches that we’ll correct as we stumble upon them. There may be times when the forum is out but that could be due to database updates as fixes are being made on our end and our service provider’s end.

I’m certain our members are pleased to have their beloved chat room back. It’s starting off better than expected.

Thanks for your patience and support!

The Admins

Book Reviews are coming back!

Yes, it’s true.

Romance Divas started out with book reviews and we felt that it’s time to bring them back! However, this time we’re changing the way we’re doing things!

Please stay tuned for more details in the coming weeks…

In other news:

We’re always happy to see our members move on to exciting personal projects. Mel Berthier and Bria Quinlan created EXCERPT MONDAY which is an excellent way to for published and unpublished authors to provide excerpts to the online community. It’s a great way for readers to discover new voices and some not so new. If you are interested in learning more, visit their online home:

Congrats on your growing success ladies! Keep up the good work!


Jax Cassidy, Co-Founder

Forums Down…

Just a note that the forums are currently down. Diva Kristen has already opened a ticket up with Invision Power Services, our host for the forums, and they are looking into it.

I’ll update this post when things are back online.

In the meantime, how are your word counts for today doing?

EDIT: Everything’s back up. Apparently they had to replace the entire server hardware… total meltdown. Thankfully all the data was secure. 🙂