Romance Divas Forum has a new look

Romance Divas is proud to announce a new Forum! The conversion has been successful and all data before Wednesday, November 9th has been implemented. However, members who have registered on or after the November 9th date will have re-register. All existing members are currently activated and usernames and passwords are current. If you cannot get […]

The Plan

By Leigh Royals The trash man just rolled by. I found this out as my loverly husband was saying, “Baby, you won’t believe it, but the trash just went by.” Why is this so unbelievable? Because, I had arranged for the garbage to be taken, but anticipating a blown-away trash receptacle, I just brought the […]

The Email

by Jayna Gardner “We’d officially like to aquire…” When I first read those words, I was shocked. For years I’ve known I could write, wanted to write, wanted to be a published author. How did it happen? I originally wrote a story for a contest, small 300 word piece. I didn’t win in the contest […]

Divas Divine Blog

Hello World! Thanks for finding your way here. Well, at the request of our members, Romance Divas decided to create an extension of our award winning website to showcase articles, tips, and other divalicious tidbits to the writing world at large. It’s sort of a virtual mini-news magazine for us and we’re excited to […]