When A Pantster Writes a Big Series

**RAFFLECOPTER GIVEAWAY** BY ANYA SUMMERS Writing for me has always been something that came naturally. Not that I didn’t have to work on my craft, on grammar, and develop my voice over the years, because I definitely have for the better part of my life and will likely continue to for the rest of it. […]

Thomasine Rappold – Author Interview

BY THOMASINE RAPPOLD Where did you get the inspiration for your series/book? The inspiration for the Sole Survivor Series came from a combination of ideas that have always fascinated me.  Acquired Savant Syndrome, a rare condition in which a person develops remarkable mathematical, musical, or artistic abilities following some type of head trauma, provided an […]

Sex and the Singularly Awkward Girl

**RAFFLECOPTER GIVEAWAY** BY OLIVIA DADE Somewhere around the time I started plotting Ready to Fall, the fourth book of my Lovestruck Librarians series, I realized something important about my writing: I really enjoy describing sex scenes gone wonky. I’m not necessarily talking about bad sex. The vast majority of the time, my heroes and heroines […]

An Interview with Kelly Jackson, heroine from Murder at the Mansion

BY JANET FINSILVER Thank you for doing an interview with us today. Please tell the audience your name and a little bit about yourself. “My name is Kelly Jackson, and I’m the new manager of Redwood Cove Bed and Breakfast. I grew up on a combination cattle and guest ranch in Wyoming.” What brought you […]

My Salute to Military Men

**RAFFLECOPTER GIVEAWAY** BY ANYA SUMMERS It’s fitting I guess that the release of my latest book, To Master & Defend, coincides with the month we tend to remember all the military men and women who have fought and died defending our country. I have always been intrigued by military men, by soldiers who embody ideologies […]