Rate: $500 (1-month run, 1 spot available per month)  

Please email to secure your spot before submitting payment.

Large, high resolution images required for this ad space.


  • 1-month run of custom background splash designed in-house and visible throughout the website
  • Featured cover included with the rotating cover ads on the homepage
  • Links to author or publisher site
  • Promo blast on all social networks and email lists


Rate: $150 (1-month run, 6 shared cover spots available per month)

Please email to secure your spot before submitting payment.

Large, high resolution images required for the ad space.


  • $150 per ad spot
  • 1-month run of the cover(s), custom  designed for ad
  • Links to author or publisher/business site


Rate: $50 (1-month run, 6 shared spots available per month)

Please email to secure your spot before submitting payment.

Image dimensions should be 200 x 303 pixels or larger, med-high resolution images. Large images will be automatically resized to fit.


  • $50 per cover
  • 1-month run of the book covers or relevant product ad
  • Links to author or publisher/business site

Romance Divas accepts advertisement for covers and banners relating to the romance genre and the romance and publishing industry. We make some allowances for businesses that pertains to romance and women’s lifestyle.


With over 3200 members in our forum, we have continual online activity and offer a chat room for daily writing challenges and chat events.

RD is one of only a handful of online sites that have a fully moderated staff and offer many opportunities for new and published authors. We have a zero-tolerance policy and offer free workshops, mentorship, scholarships, and contests. Our visibility has grown since we opened our doors in 2004 and have been considered the preferred website and online writing community for many authors and publishers in the publishing industry.


If you have an article you would like to submit to us, please email:

We welcome any articles on craft, the writing journey, motivational or inpirational, arts & entertainment, as well as any appropriate subject related to the publishing industry. We cannot guarantee all submissions will be published, but if we choose your article to add to our section, you will be credited. Some articles will be converted to a PDF and be available to our members and readers. All articles should be specifically written for Romance Divas. If it is an existing article you have written for your chapter or group and feel it would be a training or learning resource for our writers/readers, you are welcome to submit it with a brief note who it was written for (chapter name, blog, etc.) and what year. Please make sure articles are approved to be re-published since we do not want to unknowingly post material that may not be distributed.


RD has officially closed our Book Reviews since 2007. However, our members and staff will contribute reviews for our web content from time to time.

Although we entertained the idea of re-launching our Book Reviews, we feel it is not the right time for us to offer this program. If you are an avid reader and have a book review you would like to submit for posting, please feel free to submit it. Any content provided is a representation of our site and will be edited to ensure quality and consistency. Spoilers may or may not be omitted and submissions may be rejected. Please send your inquiries to:

However, we do make exceptions and publish reviews depending on the circumstances and availability of reviewers.


  • RD advertising is offered on a first come/first served basis; ads must be submitted a week prior to advertising month.
  • RD reserves the right to refuse any advertisement for content we feel is inappropriate and does not meet our review.
  • RD uses PayPal for all ad payments; for alternate payment we may or may not accept unless you are a current good standing member of RD.
  • RD advertisements do not constitute an endorsement of the product by the Admins, Mods, or RD staff members.
  • RD reserves the right to change our rates at any time. Ads already purchased will be honored at the rate for which they were originally purchased.

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