Meet Joe Reilly


Hello! My name is Debbie Morgan and I’m a host for Good Afternoon, Football, the program for women who think football is better than sliced bread. This afternoon we have a man that Granite Falls High School still sees as their golden boy fifteen years after quarterbacking the team to the state championship. Good afternoon, Joe.

Joe: Hi, Debbie. Thanks for having me here.

Debbie: You’ve been out of football for five years now. Do you miss the playing field?

Joe: I think I’ll always miss it a little. It’s hard not to. Wrecking my knee wasn’t exactly  something I planned on.

Debbie: But you’ve got a great new career now, right? For Fox Sports One?

Joe (Nods head): I do. I was lucky, I guess. My agent made a deal for me to create a program that people seem to like.

Debbie: Whose came up with the name, Inside the Helmet?

Joe: It was a collaborative effort. Fox wanted em to be able to sue my knowledge as a quarterback and they wanted something besides the usual interview show.

Debbie: Well, this certainly is. Interviewing active quarterbacks about what’s going on in their head during a game has obviously done the job. The ratings are through the roof.

Joe (Grinning): And thank the lord for that, right?

Debbie: So, Joe. (refers to notes on her iPad) I understand you’ve been seen out and about with Shey Beckham.

Joe (Crossing legs and eyeing interviewer): We’ve gone out together a cope of times. I’m sure you now that her brother, Hank, and I have been best friends for years.

Debbie (nods): And how does it feel, dating the little sister of your best friend? I’m sure our viewers would like to know.

Joe (struggles to keep face impassive): Shey is a bright, vibrant, interesting young woman whose company I enjoy.

Debbie (slow grin): Does it complicate things that the two of you are sharing a house?

Joe (uncrosses legs, leans back in chair): It happens to be the house where she and Hank live. Hank was kind enough to extend hospitality to me while I’m in the city on business.

Debbie: But Hank’s out of town, or at least so I hear. How does that work for the two of you?

Joe: It works just fine. (Leans forward) Let me tell you about the new Wolves quarterback I’m interviewing this week.

Debbie (sly smile): Ah, changing the subject? Okay, let’s hear about the upcoming program. (winks) But I’m not forgetting about Shey. We’ll get back to her next time I have you on the show.

(Interview continues. Joe successfully avoids more discussion about Shey.)

Debbie (looks at her watch): Gee, I see that our time is just about up. Thanks for being our guest today, Joe. I look forward to hosting you again. Hearing more about your show and of course, about Shey. (turns to face camera.) Remember, Every Sunday at noon. Inside the Helmet. Keep watching.


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