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BBQandBadNewsGetting and giving advice never seems to go out of style. Dear Abby was incredibly popular in its day, and people are still looking in newspapers, online or on television for advice.

As a little girl I loved the Dear Abby column. I grinned at her cheeky responses, enjoying the ease with which she shot  those zingers back, yet was never harsh. After scouting around recently for old Dear Abby entries, I ended up reading and giggling over them for an hour. Research can be a huge time nabber, especially when it’s a fun topic like advice columns!

Two of my very favorite Dear Abby Q&As were probably the most short and simple:

 Dear Abby: I am 44 years old and would like to meet a man my age with no bad habits. Rose

Dear Rose: So would I.

Dear Abby: I’m 19 years old and not very experienced, but my mother told me to be careful of men with mustaches. Is there any truth in this? Anita

Dear Anita: Yes … and also be careful of men without them.

Is it just me or are you giggling right now?

And lordy goodness how I swooned over the movie Sleepless in Seattle when it came out. I still laugh when I think of little Jonah throwing his daddy under the on-air-radio talk show bus. At the time that radio host seemed rather harsh, but  she was nothing compared to a shock jock like Howard Stern, ready to give advice. In my latest novel, Barbecue and Bad News, Savannah Dey is hiding that she’s the voice behind the Advice From Van column in the www.GetItNowNews.com online paper. And keeping secrets rarely ends well.

Psst- If you just went and clicked on that website, it’s just going to take you to my author page. There is no GetItNowNews on the web…only in book six of the Adams Grove series. Now back to the blog!

Check out the newest release in the Adams Grove series, Barbecue and Bad News, released this week. Advice columnist Savannah Dey could use some guidance of her own, especially when it comes to the feelings stirred up by the handsome sheriff of Adams Grove…and the secrets of her tragic past.

Hugs and happy reading~


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