Escape into an exotic world


TwiceInABlueMoonWhen you think of an exotic setting, you probably think of somewhere tropical. Maybe you imagine a couple on a beach under the moonlight, with hot sand as a blanket beneath their feet.

But warm locales aren’t the only romantic places. So imagine instead two people in a colder place, surrounded by snow in a pristine wilderness. Not romantic enough, you say? Okay, let’s throw in a dome of stars overhead, with ribbons of glowing blue or purple shimmering throughout. And the couple are snuggling together in a hotel room made entirely of ice and snow, sharing their deepest secrets as they provide warmth for each other. Better?

The exotic world at the edge of the Arctic enchanted me. Known as Lapland, the area’s far removed from main civilization, but holds many unique charms. And it’s the perfect place for two people who are lost—like my hero and heroine—to find one another.

I think the setting will enchant you, and the story too!

Do you like reading about unique, exotic locales? What type of settings do you love most?


Cate Masters is a hopeless romantic who loves a bit of adventure in her stories, whether contemporary, historical or paranormal/fantasy. Connect with her online at her blog, Facebook and Twitter.