Weather Obsessed


I’m obsessed with weather. All of it – the highs, the lows, hurricanes, tornadoes. Hell, with the exception of a hunky, bald, Scotsman A.K.A. my husband, nothing turns me on more than a cold front whipping across the Midwest Plains. I can tell you which numbers to tap into the remote control to find The Weather Channel in 5 states and hundreds of counties. My question is: “are you on Comcast or Direct TV?” Obsessed I tell you. You have to believe me!

The people around me who know this send me text messages like, “What’s the real deal – hearing 5 inches of snow tonight on the news.” They trust I have sufficiently studied the potential impact for our area and can advise them whether or not to cancel their lunch date for the next day. It’s taken years to develop a reputation like that. Those who don’t know me, but have the fortunate or unfortunate stroke of luck to be sitting near me when a tornado warning is issued, can witness my obsession first hand. With tornadoes specifically, it can get kind of ugly. They are my worst fear in life yet I am mesmerized by them. Mother Nature taking no prisoners. I should have been a meteorologist. Hindsight, eh?

So, what does all of this have to do with writing? Settings for one. How much more romantic is a setting when the two main characters are curled up in front of a fire sharing their first kiss while the cold wind is blowing and the snow is piling up outside? What about a couple just realizing their love for each other as they stroll hand in hand down a country lane while the snow is crunching beneath their feet and sticking to her thick eyelashes? Weather is not only visual but if written properly can almost be felt. Winter is cold but allows you the leeway to use antonyms in comparison to the love that is taking place – She was warmed by the touch of his hand as the cold wind chapped her face. Cheesy yeah…but I’m trying to make a point here. Winter is my favorite but summer is sexy. Water running down his sinewy chest as he exited the pool drowned her senses. The tight red bikini that clung to her lush curves leaving nothing to the imagination. You know the one…the one that made him melt faster than the cruel, equatorial sun. Weather. It turns me on. Did I mention that?

But weather also brings a mood. The renewal of Spring or the Cleansing of Autumn. It dictates what people have to put on and conversely what has to be taken off. Weather to me is crucial to a plot. Plus, it feeds my obsession.

It’s snowing right now. I need to go stalk The Weather Channel and hit all my websites to see if they are accurate on their predictions. A Winter Weather Advisory has been issued, I may need to take a pill I’m so excited! My husband has already informed me that he’s aware it’s snowing; I don’t need to keep talking about it. He’s assured me we have plenty of toilet paper, milk and bread.

Did I tell you about my fascination for earthquakes?

ForTheRest JustSophie

The beautiful Eastern Shore of Maryland is home to Susan Marmo and her husband. The summer months are spent up to their elbows making their own award winning ice cream, serving it to customers one scoop at a time.

When the season changes they travel and Susan spends her free time writing romance.

Her first novel, For the Rest of My Life, was inspired after living in Scotland for several months. Just Sophie, her second novel, was written after being subjected to western movies every night while visiting family.

Generally, Susan has no concept of ‘inside voices’, you’ll hear her before you see her. She travels with a deck of cards and is responsible for spontaneous poker games wherever she sits down.