The Many Faces of Mandy


Why do you have so many pen names? I get this question more than you’d think. The answer is simple, while working in my lab, late one night, I invented what I was sure would be the next best energy drink. People would buy it in numbers unheard of. It would allow them to forgo sleep for like…ever, erm, yes ever. It was perfect, although green, but in my defense they say a popular soda is actually green without extra coloring so don’t judge me. If they can do it, so can I. Anyway, back to my master evil plan, my money making stay up forever formula. Seeing as how I was in my mad scientist stage and mad scientists aren’t known for playing well with others, I was alone.

No test dummy.

No sacrificial lamb.

So I drank the formula myself.

When I came to the next morning, I had no memory of where I’d been or what I’d been doing. I’d taken the formula wearing yoga pants and a t-shirt but awoke in a slave girl outfit. This of course, freaked me out since I’d not shaved my legs in preparation for anything this revealing. The following night I blacked out again, this time coming to wearing skin tight jeans, cowboy boots and a Shady Brady. Imagine my dismay when I’d realized I had in fact shaved my legs for that.

This continued, each time with me waking in some new attire. Twice I’d developed accents that faded as the day went on. In the interest of science, I decided I would journal as much as I could about my experience. Apparently, the blacked out version of me agreed. During these “episodes” I would write about people getting tied up, spanked, having orgasms withheld and participating in threesomes with smokin’ hot cowboys or aliens from another planet.

Okay, none of that is true except the sex talk stuff. *smile* And I didn’t journal it, I wrote it in books.

With many, many genres under my hat, it was important to separate them clearly for my readers. The best way to do so was to use a pen name for them. For me and for my readers it has worked wonders creating clear separations between the types of books I write. Readers don’t auto buy a book under my (main) name and open it up to find it’s a genre they dislike greatly, or a sex level they’re uncomfortable with. I’m pretty open and honest about my pen names, giving readers all the knowledge they need to make an informed choice.

So, as cool as having my own mad scientist lab is, I pretty much just have a kitchen that after a hard day of cooking can look a little like someone off their rocker is running the show. Thanks for letting me share!


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Author Mandy M Roth also writes books under the names Reagan Hawk, Kennedy Kovit and Rory Michaels. She also co-owns The Raven Books Publishing.