Edgy Inspirational Fiction


I’m often asked what Edgy Inspirational Fiction is and have come to realize that my own view on the subject differs a bit from others. Years ago, I had run out of Christian fiction that appealed to me. I desired something more real – raw you could say – about Christians having struggles in today’s world of seduction.

I thought I was alone in my thinking until the past year or two when this new term made its way into our literary world – edgy inspirational fiction. I thought, “Yay! Finally there is material that will tell it like it is!” Christians struggle just like the next person does, why not share it? Certainly, there are CBA guidelines to Christian fiction, with good purpose. I do not mean adding cursing, graphic sex, or morbid violence, etc. to take away from the foundation the CBA has set up, but I think the content in itself should evoke a high state of emotion which we can all relate to.

I am disheartened when I read online or hear from my colleagues that edgy inspy fiction is just an excuse to be graphic, that it’s an excuse to add inappropriate material for Christian fiction. Because that’s not the case with me. In Broken Identity, I write about a Christian woman tormented with the temptation of infidelity. Although it’s fiction, I can still imagine that it doesn’t matter whether you’re Christian or not, in having that issue come up sometime in your life. How can readers be invested in a character if what they are going through is sugar coated? Perhaps I am just a black sheep out there and want to read deeper works; after all, I’m one who does not need a happy ending in movies (something that drives my husband crazy!), I like reality, but without the compromise.

My latest work is a western romance, about a woman who has a heart for soiled doves – that was tricky in the sense of being accurate, yet trying not to offend readers at the same time. Talk about a challenge when the book is full of prostitutes in the Old West!

Thanks for the opportunity to share about my favorite genre! Happy reading!

SARAH JAE is a Christian, a wife, and a mother, wholeheartedly yet imperfectly, loving God since she was a child. She wants to share stories about characters of faith who mess up big time due to the seductions in society. In doing so, she’s willing to take a risk and be on the cutting edge of writing for the inspirational market, sharing what’s in her heart and in the world today.

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