The Five Secret Desires of an Avon Impulse Editor

By LUCIA MACRO, executive editor, Avon Books/Avon Impulse

Do you think you know what an Avon editor really wants? We’re pretty sure you’ll be surprised – because we sure were, when we saw what Lucia Macro, who heads up the Avon Impulse editorial team, presented on a submission wishlist – exclusive to Romance Divas!

1) Send me your bachelors, your ranchers, your billionaires. My background is in contemporary romance—I miss the 21st Century! And while I’ll always love a good duke, I sometimes feel I’ve been hanging around with the Ton for too long. Seriously—send us sexy contemporary romance with some really good-looking heroes. (And no they don’t all have to be “BRBs”.)

2) I love drama! Everyone’s always telling me that Avon books have to be ‘funny.’ This is so not true! There’s a reason I’ve been watching all those Lifetime TV movies all these years—I clearly need more drama in my world. (But your book doesn’t have to be like a LTM, I promise!)

3) Bring Sexy Back. Please. Enough said. I think you know what to do.

4) Stop overthinking. I mean it. Stop it right now. You’re the romance readers. You know what you like. I’m not here measuring indentations, or taking point off for point of view, or counting every word. Make it end happily and make sure ‘no animals are harmed’.

5) More new writers please. I like working with new writers. I wish I could do it more often. But this the chance to do that—for both of us.

There you have it. Check out our guidelines at for details about word count and all that practical stuff.