Love And Laughter Are The Best Medicine


Reading any book is an emotional experience. You experience, joy, pain, sorrow and a myriad of other things.

Reading romance allows you to rediscover something that you may have felt long ago or perhaps something you hope to experience in the future. Do you remember the first time you fell in love? The anguish, the joy, the pain in your gut, the pounding of your heart and that was just when you caught a glimpse of your love. It becomes almost impossible to do anything that doesn’t involve your lover, being apart is agony. Fortunately, the strength of the physical and emotional reaction of love wanes with time. We are still in love but the way we react changes. No longer caught up in passion and the madness of desire our relationships morph into a comfortable life where we fit together on an emotional and physical level. When you pick up a romance novel and follow the path of the hero and heroine some of those magical feelings of falling in love are recaptured.

Scientists have shown that being in love releases endorphins. Love is great for the body and the soul but it’s not the only thing that scientists have discovered are good for us.

We all love to laugh and the old saying ‘laughter is the best medicine’ is true. A good laugh reduces stress, improves your blood flow, strengthens relationships, releases endorphins in your brain that give you a feeling of elation and people with a sense of humor are often considered more attractive.

I love to combine laughter with romance, providing a double whammy of good feelings for my readers. But unlike love, laughter is not universal. Different cultures find different things amusing. Being an Ex Brit now living in Australia selling to a mostly American audience makes writing comedy a challenge. So, what do people worldwide find amusing?

I draw a lot of my plot ideas from real life. Those oops moments we all have make for great story ideas, and I think I have probably had more than my fair share. Lots of comedians take things that are everyday and mundane and show how ridiculous they are. I take my characters and put them in relationships and situations that are extreme and yet anyone of us could relate to them on some level. We’ve all had relations that have embarrassed us, done things we wish we hadn’t and made stupid decisions that have come back to bite us.

My current series, Reigning Men, starts in Male Order, Volume One with Meg, who is confused about physical relationships with men. Her great aunt, who is in her mid eighties, has no such problem. She likes men. She loves men in all shapes and sizes and isn’t afraid to let them know. Meg’s mother is the opposite end of the scale. She has a no sex policy. And poor Meg is piggy in the middle. Now, what is the worst thing that could happen? How about a sexy male flat mate who offers to warm her bed no strings attached? Lets add getting involved in her friend’s male escort business and accidentally becoming a pimp to a male prostitute. Then lets make her great aunt his first customer, toss in a the police and an arrest and we have comedy. So how does it all mix together? Well if I told you, it wouldn’t be worth reading the book would it?

Having enjoyed writing book one so much I wrote Book Two, Male Review. Same characters but now they are all living in the one house. The Great Aunt has been tossed out of the old folks’ home and the mother has fallen out with Meg’s dad. Now she is living with them 24/7 and still trying to carry on the relationship with her now former flat mate. I tossed in a BDSM themed male strip club just for giggles and we have more fun and laughter.

I had so much fun, especially with the great aunt, I just had to write a book three. It looks like this series will be helping my readers to feel good for a while yet.

Born and bred in theUK, my whole life was turned on its head when, at the tender age of eighteen, I met and fell instantly in love with my darling husband.  I knew the minute I met him I was going to marry him and, fortunately, he came to the same conclusion less than six months later.

My husband has shown me the world, starting by bringing me toAustralia.  The country we now call home, and where we have raised our two boys. It didn’t take me long to turn native, becoming a citizen and dropping the British accent. However, our wanderlust didn’t stop there. We have moved from state to state, always ready for a new adventure.  We have also visited  many destinations around the world.

My stories reflect my love for travel and exotic locations, along with my quirky British sense of humor. Well, you can’t give up all of your heritage now can you?

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5 thoughts on “Love And Laughter Are The Best Medicine”

  1. Hurrah! Book 3 in the series 😀

    The Reigning Men books so far have resulted in more spontaneous laughter and coffee-spillages, than anything I’ve read in a long time. My train buddies are now used to my giggles and raucous snorts of laughter – thank God I’m reading on a Kindle and they have no idea of the smut factor 😳

  2. Thanks, Jane.

    Glad you are laughing along, but don’t send me the dry cleaning bill. Hmm maybe I should add a warning at the front of the book, should not be read while consuming beverages 🙂

  3. Lillian, you are a wonderful, funny lady and I think you have talent coming out your wazoo! Like you, I appreciate a good laugh with my titillation. Nothing wrong with that. Your books sounds incredible and is definitely on my “must-read” list. Congrats on your success! I look forward to seeing even more funny stuff from you in future 😆 !

  4. Hi Lillian, I totally agree, if you can write every day events in such a way to make you giggle, laugh and even cry at the same time, you have a winner!

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