Spotlight On, Julie Anne Lindsey

In a town filled with her past, she never expected to find her future…

Seven years ago Cynthia left Honey Creek with a broken heart. Three years ago Mitchell arrived with one. Now Cynthia’s come home, and these two hardened hearts can’t stop arguing. If they’d only take a break long enough to find some common ground, they might be surprised to find love can grow anywhere.
If they’ll let it, love will find a way to Bloom.

*Bloom is book one in my new Seeds of Love series. I’ll be planting those seeds all year.

Please tell us about yourself and what made you start writing?

My name is Julie Anne Lindsey and I am an obsessive reader, a writer, a blogger, a wife & a mother of three. I used to write for posterity, to log the ins-and-outs of my kids’ lives. I read a book a few years ago that captivated me, and a switch flipped. After that, I wanted to write a story that would affect other readers the way my favorite authors have affected me. Suddenly, I wanted to impact someone too. I want to reach out and put a smile on a stranger’s face.  This is me trying.

Can you tell us a little bit about your new release? How did you come up with the idea?

Bloom is the story of a heart broken girl who ran away from her grief for a long time. Now, she has to come home and it’s harder than she expected. Everyone has moved on. She’s not the town sweetheart anymore. Her friends have families and the town has a new golden boy – who seems to hate her for no good reason.

The story was born of one of my favorite sayings: Bloom where you’re planted. And the sassy heroine was inspired by the Reese Witherspoon character in Sweet Home Alabama. Best movie ever.

What propelled you to write BLOOM?

I feel like I have a special connection with Honey Creek. I grew up in a small Ohio town and got into my share of trouble. Avoidance was my way of dealing with lots of things for many years. The head-in-a-hole method works amazingly well until it doesn’t. Writing Bloom, I wondered how a heroine who ran away from her life would handle having to come home…even just for a visit. Plus, everyone deserves an epic romance, a toe curling love, especially someone who’d been so sad for so long. I had to help her!

Did you have a solid support system when you chose to write romance or did you have anyone disapprove of your decision?

I write sweet romance, so I don’t have the same issues and considerations many of my fellow romance writers have. I didn’t need to consider a pen name or what my church, family, or children’s teachers would think. For what it’s worth, I think all that junk is extremely unfortunate. Writers are artists and we should be able to write from the heart, uninhibited, and tell the story we have to tell without all those stone-tossing-glass-house-dwellers…but then again no one asked me and who am I anyway? LOL.

Do you have a daily ritual to get you in the “writing zone”?

No, no ritual unless frenzy could be considered a ritual. I write all day every day, anytime I can steal a minute. I have three kids 8 and under, so those writerly moments are fast and fleeting. I do what I can before they get up and again after they go to bed. I’ve also been known to blog from my phone while locked in the bathroom. Though, a closed door isn’t much of a deterrence for these guys. I just keep plugging away believing every word counts.

What is the most difficult part of your writing journey? What is the most exciting part?

I have a tough time with the waiting and the rejection. Waiting is part of the life, I know but I am always waiting on things and it drives me bazonkers. The rejection is hard too, especially when you think something is perfect and others don’t. Again, I know, that’s how it goes. But, it can be tough. The “We love this…but no.” is the worst. LOL. Those can make a girl drink from the bottle.

My favorite part is all the other writers I’ve met, both online and in person. I feel a sisterhood with complete strangers and I love it. This is a great business to be in if you love people because the writing community is brilliant. They are funny and encouraging and downright inspiring. I keep trying harder thanks to all the wonderful friends I’ve made through writing.

What is the most extreme or wildest thing you’ve done and what did you learn about yourself?

Until I had my first child, my whole life was a series of crazy decisions and impulsivity. In high school I got a tattoo from a skeevy looking guy who accepted a 40 oz of malt liquor and a pack of Marlboro menthols as payment from a 16 year old. In college I had my belly button pierced during a night I barely recall. I’ve walked the plank form an actual pirate ship in Barbados and peed in a bathroom marked “Wenches.” It’s only during these last 8 years that I’m learning to find adventure in the understated. I know from my past that I’m fearless and from my present that I am tenacious. By looking at the big picture, it’s easy to see how much people can change.

Any last words for your readers?

Writing this sweet romance series was a wonderful experience for me. The characters are close to my heart and more than once I’ve thought of them in terms of calling for some reason, only to remember they aren’t real. LOL. Sleep deprivation +caffeine & a great imagination do those things. I hope you’ll consider a visit to Honey Creek. It’s a beautiful place where anything can happen. Kick off your shoes, relax into that porch swing and cuddle up to a steamy mug of hot tea. Taking a trip to Honey Creek is as easy as Amazon : ) See you there!

What should we expect from you in the future?

I have a series of sweet romances coming to Honey Creek this year. The series is called Seeds of love and I’ll be planting those seeds throughout 2012. I also finished a novel length sweet romance coming next year for the same line.

Outside of romance, the first book in my Killer Confections Saga is coming in April. The title is Death by Chocolate and it’s delicious tale of murderous proportions.

I am a mother of three, wife to a sane person and Ring Master at the Lindsey Circus. Most days you’ll find me online, amped up on caffeine & wielding a book.

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