Author of the Month, Inez Kelley

Dr. Bastian Talbot and self-proclaimed sex goddess Charlie Pierce heat up the air waves with their flirty banter as radio hosts Dr. Hot and the Honeypot. Off the air, they’re best friends…but Bastian wants to be so much more. He wants Charlie—in bed, and forever.

Problem is, Charlie doesn’t do commitment. Sure, she’s had X-rated fantasies of Bastian, but he was always just a friend—until he impulsively proposes and unleashes the lust they’ve been denying for years. Charlie’s willing to explore where their wild chemistry leads, but she won’t marry him. And he won’t have sex with her until she accepts his proposal, despite her seductive schemes.

What are Dr. Hot and the Honeypot to do? Ask their listeners for advice on how to tame a sex kitten and turn a perfect gentleman into a shameless lover. The Race to Wed or Bed is on…who will turn up on top?

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by Inez Kelley

I have a big mouth. Shocking, I know but I do. Friends swear I’m the secret offspring of a sailor and a trucker. I once won an award for the filthiest mouth. But then, I’ve also been called lyrical and lush, a painter with words. I like to talk and when I can’t talk, I write.

I’m legally blind. As a child, it sucked. I had no depth perception so sports and I weren’t the best of friends. Hell, even setting the table was an adventure. Four-eyes and Froggie were some of the nicer names I heard behind my back and occasionally to my face. The kid who was always picked last at sports poked fun at me. Kids are cruel, that will never change.

So, I turned to friends who didn’t care, books. I flew airplanes and ran races and fought in battles all through words. Where kids my age were sharpening their batting skills, I was sharpening my tongue, my brain.

I’ve never left my weapons behind. An old expression says the pen is mightier than the sword and, although in a face-to-face combat that might not work, in general, it’s true. I learned words stopped most teasing sessions before they got too painful, diffused angry situations with humor or reached out to bridge gaps. Words became my hollow-point bullets and my olive branches.

But along with that sharp-tongue came a love of the lyrical word, of the rhythm of how sounds roll together to create an image. This is one of my favorite passages:

Myla as a lover was incredible. Myla as a jaguar was mesmerizing. Myla as a warrior was breathtaking. If war could be called music, she would be its dancer for her grace and speed were choreographed to a deadly melody. Each twirl and vault of her stance seemed more ballet than fight but her blade drew blood time and time again. In the midst of death and bloodshed, she captivated him. –Myla by Moonlight

Now that’s not to say that my mouth never got in me into trouble. It did. For example, I was sixteen and had been chosen as one of two teens from my state to go to the Capitol in Washington DC for some type of Youth Summit program. One kid from California made fun of us Hillbillies and asked if we had to wear shoes to school or were those saved for special occasions, like inbred weddings.

Without thinking, I whipped around and said that shoes were mandatory in school but panties were optional and he could pucker up and kiss my Hillbilly ass. *Ahem* My sponsor/teacher did not find that amusing at all.

That word play, is how I deal with life. Today, I have super high-strength contacts and glasses, and I’ve outgrown the taunting. I’m a smart-ass who can delve into purple prose, although I try to reign in the lilac. I try to balance the teases with the purple, the rhyme with the melody. That wordplay inspired my August Carina Press release TURN IT UP.

TURN IT UP is all about wordplay as foreplay.


“What’s your favorite sexual position, Bastian?”

Too soon. “Where in the hell do you come up with these questions?” Even after six years, she never failed to surprise him.

“Uh, tomorrow’s show, ‘Assuming the Position,’ remember? I just thought it’d be a good idea to go over some of our answers since the topic is bound to get a bit touchy.”

She did have a point. They often semi-rehearsed their supposed off-the-cuff answers. It added more strength to her professional demeanor. His, too, he supposed, but still, never ask a man with a hard-on what position he likes best. It was cruel and malicious torture.

“You first,” he hedged, earning a sly grin. She liked to think he was shy at times, and he had no problem allowing that.

“I like them all. But I guess, if I had to pick, I’d go with cowgirl.”

Charlie, bare-breasted above him, hips rising and falling. Great, another image to flush out of my head. Think abscessed diabetic ulcers. “Why?”

Her shoulders shrugged and she burrowed deeper into his shirt. “I like control, no secret there. I bet I can guess yours.”

The tease lifted his eyebrows. “Okay, go for it.”

“You’re the old-fashioned type, so I’ll guess…missionary.”

She knew him too damn well. “Guilty as charged. I like to see my lover’s eyes looking up at me.”

“Oooh, how romantic,” she purred. “And the fact you get to control everything has nothing to do with it.”

“What’s that mean?”

“Topping is the power position. You set the pace, the depth, the subtle shifts that prolong things.”

“Tell you what, Honey, next time you sit on my lap, I’ll let you prolong anything you want.”

His flirt hung heavy but she laughed it off. Calling her by her radio persona insulated him. This was Doc teasing Honey, not Bastian flirting with Charlie, at least to her.

“In your imagination, Doc.” She saluted him with her bottle. “And speaking of imagination, next week’s show on self-love—you okay with that? Some men get twitchy.”

“Yep. Masturbation is a normal human behavior. I’ll have all my facts in order, don’t you worry.” Saucy Doc Hot took hold of his tongue and ran with his thoughts before his brain could catch it. “How’s the self-love treating you lately, Honey?”

Cornflower eyes widened before narrowing in challenge. This banter was what made their show spicy and successful.

“Just fine, Doc. How about you? You handling everything all right?”

His cheeks warmed but he never dropped his gaze. “Been a little lax lately, too many ER shifts and not enough sleep.”

“Tsk-tsk-tsk. You can’t neglect yourself. All work and no self-play makes Doc a grumpy boy. Find a few minutes to take care of business, will you?” A vampish smile curled seductively. “Let me know if you need a hand.”

“You’d need both.”


It’s not the size of the word, it’s the power it carries. Talk is foreplay. Use it!

Inez Kelley is a multi-published author of various romance genres. You can visit her at her website Follow her on twitter at@Inez_Kelley or on Facebook at

Her backlist includes the riveting contemporary Sweet as Sin, a laugh-out-loud comedy Jinxed, the award-winning fantasy Myla by Moonlight and the sequel, Salome at Sunrise, steamy Lipstick on his Collar and books two and three of the erotic Dirty Laundry series, Talk Dirty to Me and Coming Clean.