Writing from Real Life by Karen White-Owens

I’ve been a published author for approximately seven years. Since I started to write, I’ve exploring subjects that intrigue, puzzle or upset me. Circles of Love was a book that examined a painful topic. For years I pondered the idea of having no clue as to  “where you came from”. The heroine in Circles of Love went in search of her mother after realizing she couldn’t marry the hero until she knew who she was. The story earned me a 4-1/2 Gold review from Romantic Times Book Club.

While negotiating my latest contract my editor suggested that I write connected books. I didn’t want to write about another large or extended family so I opted for stories connected by a large company. Living in the Detroit area, ideas swirled around the automobile companies since Ford, General Motors, and Chrysler Corporations headquarters are all located in metro Detroit.

French-owned and operated Gautier’s International Motors was born after I rejected the ideas of the Detroit based companies. I had no idea that the auto industry would stall, fail or file for bankruptcy protection to stay in business and start new. Chrysler would offer the hand of partnership to Fiat and my little story would follow some of the events that marked the news in the Detroit area.

As an undergraduate student at Wayne State University ,I worked as a nursery aide at a day care center. Many of the parents also put in several hours a week of work to lower their tuition costs. One mother in particular stayed in my thoughts for years. Kim was the parent of two little girls, Heather and Sarah. Both girls were under the age of three.

I soon learned Kim was going through a bitter divorce with her husband, Bill. As part of their separation agreement, Bill had visitation rights for the girls every other weekend. One weekend Bill didn’t return and I later learned that he disappeared with Heather and Sarah and was never seen again.

Today, things are very different. We have laws and options that weren’t in place at that time. Amber alerts and the procedures used by the police to handle these cases are different. There is a great chance of a parent having their children returned to them.

That idea has haunted me over the years. The concept of losing your children for life seemed so painful and cruel. Never knowing if they were alive or dead was beyond anything I could comprehend.

When I became an author/writer this kidnapping was a topic that I wanted to explore and try to make sense of. Hence, I Can Make You Love Me began to take shape.

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