Help Launch Romance Divas Publishing, Call for Submissions Contest!


Here’s your chance to make Romance Divas history!

Be a Debut Author of Romance Divas…

FOUR E-book anthologies
FOUR genres
TWENTY slots
One special HOLIDAY 2007 Release!

§ Contemporary (romantic comedy, suspense, etc.)
§ Historical
§ Paranormal / Sci-Fi
§ Erotica


Four exclusive e-book anthologies will be released and available for purchase on Romance Divas exclusive site. Each e-book will be a $5.00 download contribution and will contain five stories per book by our very own debut authors of Romance Divas! Each entry will go through a rigorous round of judging and a panel of final round judges will select the 20 winners.

All winners will be featured on our special Romance Divas Debut Authors page. Here’s your chance to give back to the online writing community while receiving a publishing credit for your efforts. All entries must be received no later than October 31, 2007. All questions can be directed to the email address provided below.

These four e-book anthologies will be released just in time for the Christmas holiday!


All submissions are voluntary and are considered contributions. All proceeds of these exclusive e-book publications will go to Romance Divas for purpose of upkeep and maintenance of the site, in order to keep this online community free for all our members. Release forms will be sent to those lucky twenty winners who will have a chance to have their stories exclusively published through Romance Divas Publishing.


1. Provide a cover page with:

§ Real Name
§ Pseudonym (if applicable)
§ Genre
§ Title
§ Word Count
§ Mailing address
§ E-mail address (if available)
§ Web address (if available)

2. Provide a two to five page synopsis of the story

3. Standard Manuscript Format

§ Word document or RTF format
§ 1” all around, paragraph formatting 25 lines exactly
§ Twelve point – Times New Roman or Courier New font
§ Double spaced
§ Header on every page containing title, author name and page number.

4. Novellas must be no more than 10,000 words with no exceptions

5. Email all submissions to [email protected]

6. Deadline is midnight PST Wednesday, October 31, 2007