What I Learned Writing My First Synopsis

By Kristen Painter

That’s right, I said it. Synopsis. That torturous bit of prose full of spoilers and lacking all the fabulous detail we work so hard to perfect. As it turns out, it’s not that awful. Once it’s done.

The synopsis really can be a valuable tool, even to a pantser like me. Sure I know my opening, some events along the way and the happily ever after but what assurance does that give me that my plot is strong? Will there be holes? A sagging middle? Too little conflict? I have since learned writing a synopsis can answer those questions.

A synopsis is really like a map. It guides you through your story. Of course, you will probably deviate from it a bit (who hasn’t taken a side road because you saw a sign for some interesting little shop?) and that’s okay. Ultimately, it gets you where you’re going.

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