The Mentor Program

I started the Mentor Program not long after Romance Divas launched and due to the success of the first two, I’ve just kicked off the third round today. What I’m discovering is that next year, I’m changing the rules. It’s going to be tougher and it’s going to be more structured and there will be more requirements.

Now, in order to make this a successful learning experience… I have discovered we are short several Mentors. It’s easy to find an apprentice because everyone is willing to learn, but we need folks who want to make a difference for a beginning writer. We need someone who is willing to nurture and become the support person. However, the mentor program has never been an easy one…it’s tough and it is meant to be. If you can’t take constructive criticism and don’t learn to develop a thick skin, you’re not going to survive the publishing industry. As for Mentors, they are like my drill sargeants, but they will also give good constructive and be fair, otherwise the’ll deal with the General here.

So, if anyone is interested in becoming a mentor, please email me at [email protected]

It’s a very gratifying experience. If I can step up to the plate with my busy work schedule, then you can too. I learned a lot from my mentors and I think we all need someone when we’re first starting out. Just do it.