New Literary Agency

This just in from Galleycat:

Folio: the newest Superagency
Well that revolving door’s getting a whole lot of use today, as word trickles in about the formation of a new agency, Folio Literary Management.

The new agency will be comprised of three agents with serious pedigrees: Scott Hoffman, formerly of PMA Lit & Film; Jeff Kleinman, formerly of Graybill & English, and Paige Wheeler, who founded the Creative Media Agency. We’re still waiting for further word from the principals (and once that comes in, it’ll appear in this post), but for the moment, Hoffman is set up with the domain, and presumably Kleinman and Wheeler will get their contact information changed later today or early next week.

It also remains to be seen which clients will jump ship to Folio. Hoffman repped David Maine, Mario Acevedo, David Klinger, and the guys behind COMMON SENSE ECONOMICS; Wheeler’s list included Marianne Mancusi, Connie Lane and Roberta Isleib; and Kleinman’s best known for representing Ron McLarty and Robert Hicks (of THE MEMORY OF RUNNING and THE WIDOW OF THE SOUTH fame, respectively.)