My Call

By Lara Santiago

“The Call” I got from Siren Publishing was at 3:45pm on August 31st, 2005.

I almost didn’t answer because the only people who usually call me at that time of day want to test my water for contaminates and then insist I need a purifier. 🙂

Thankfully, I answered and when my publisher introduced herself, I recognized her name right away from the website where I’d recently submitted a story called Just A Kiss. She told me she loved my characters and wanted to publish my book. I actually don’t remember much of the conversation from that point on as I was trying to catch my breath and keep from falling to the hard tile floor in shock.

My oldest son had just come home from school and was my only witness for this momentous phone call. I jumped up and down as I pointed to the phone animatedly and mouthed the word, “Publisher!!” He shrugged his shoulders and mouthed back, “What’s wrong with you?” and then, “Do we have any milk?”

In corresponding with my editor, I learned a word which has turned out to be very valuable to me especially in the e-publishing world. The word is prolific.

While I waited to hear from Siren Publishing on Just A Kiss, I started writing a sequel called Just One Embrace to keep busy. By August 31 when the call came, I hadn’t completed it yet, so when they asked if I had anything else to submit, I sent them The Miner’s Wife. It was a darker more erotic story, but the only other novella sized work I had complete at the time in a similar genre. Siren liked it so much, they moved it up to publish first before Just A Kiss.

I mentioned The Miner’s Wife was part of a trio of stories, but I hadn’t written the other two yet. They welcomed my submissions whenever I completed them.

Now I write pretty fast. I wrote the first draft of Just A Kiss in about two weeks. The Miner’s Wife I wrote in about a five weeks. Both of these books are just under 40,000 words. I also edit and revise quickly when given direction.

A month after “the call” I had completed Just One Embrace so I sent the submission in until I could begin work on The Executive’s Wife and The Lawman’s Wife. I asked my editor what her definition of prolific was and she said my name. Ha Ha Ha Not really, but after reading Just One Embrace and seeing my original revision for Just A Kiss, she offered me contracts for the two other Wives Tales sight unseen. This was followed by a two book deal for longer manuscripts of two contemporary works I had mentioned in passing.

Currently, I have seven contracts with Siren for books, six of which will publish in 2006 and I’m working on my eighth. Being prolific with a big touch of pragmatism during revisions is what I believe has helped me sell so many books.

Just A Kiss, an erotic sci-fi will be available as an e-book in February of 2006 and The Miner’s Wife an erotic futuristic is available now at Siren

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