Glam Divas — Janaury 2006

By Lacey Sue

I love the Incredible Shrinking Divas forum! I signed right up for the Body Challenge. That should be very interesting! I urge any diva who wants to lose weight to look into the Body Challenge. If you decide not to participate, I suggest this: make at least one change per day in what you eat (like having 10 chips instead of 20, or one cup of ice cream if you’re used to having two – you get the idea) and drink more water. That will be a great start!

There are three things I’m going to suggest for this month to get us on our way to glam.

The first thing I’m going to suggest, divas, is taking a good look at your cuticles and nails. Set aside some quiet time to get them in shape. Gently rubbing some Vaseline-type product into your cuticles before you go to bed might help – I know it will help mine!

The second thing is to find a few minutes to tweeze any stray eyebrows if you’ve been faithfully tweezing, or take longer to do the whole job if it’s been a while.

The third thing is to feel your feet. Go ahead – they won’t bite LOL! Are they rough? How about soaking them in the tub or a container of warm water? Then smooth on some lotion and tuck them into a pair of socks overnight. If you can do this a couple of times a week, your feet will be smoother by month’s end.

Now to jot these things down so I don’t forget!

Happy Glammin’!

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