First Reviews by Lucinda Campbell

When my second novel was first released by a small press in June, 2005, I was eager to submit it for review, but I was nervous, too, because I knew that a total stranger reading my book would not be as kind to me as my mother-in-law. I submitted it to several romance book review sites and received acceptances from four of them. As a book reviewer myself, I knew that it could take several weeks to see the first review posted. I must have chewed my fingernails to the quick waiting for the first one to come out.
A few weeks later, I received an email from Coffee Time Romance with “Gold Star Wife Review” in the subject line. My heartbeat sped up, and I was almost afraid to look. I clicked the link, and the first thing I saw was “Five Cups”, their highest rating. Before I even read the review, I screamed out loud. Then, when I read it, I screamed again.
After Coffee Time, I received three more highly-rated reviews. Unfortunately, good reviews do not guarantee good sales. Following two months of dismal sales, Gold Star Wife was dropped by its original publisher, and I re-published it on my own.
As a first-time author, receiving a good review made me feel validated as a good writer. I believe that good reviews from well-known and respected book review websites or magazines have reputation-building potential, and it’s given me the encouragement to keep writing.

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