Cookin’ with the Divas

By Jolinn Henley aka Cup o’ Noodles

In City on the Edge of Forever, Captain Kirk says let me help will one day replace I love you as the three most important words in the English language.
The Romance Divas website needs your help. In July, many Romance Writers of America will be headed for Nationals, and we’ll be taking along a cookbook chock full o’ Divas.
Give generously of your time. The outlines will be coming soon. Go to the thread in Food of Love and get your input in. One recipe per WIP or manuscript, a short scene, a bio, maybe a picture and if you have one, directions to your website or books. This is a good opportunity to help yourself while helping others. From the groundswell of support, this tome will rival the Joy of Cooking. In a convenient e-book format, of course.