No Matter What Just Keep Writing

By Jayna Gardner

Every day we are faced with challenges, dilemmas, situations and LIFE.

It has a way of getting in the way and interrupting a good time and our regularly scheduled routines. One day you’re going along and BAM – lifetus interruptus. Yes, that’s a made up word but I’m a writer and I’m using a bit of creative license here.

As a writer I battle almost daily with page counts, word counts and sleeping versus writing. I’ve learned through lifetus interruptus that I can exist, survive on 3 hours sleep a day. There are also other factors to consider. I have a full-time job, take care of my mother, am attempting to have a social and personal life, and was diagnosed over 12 years ago with a condition that leaves me in pain a lot of the time. Along with the condition have come other problems and issues that I’ve had to deal with. With mom when she’s fine it’s a piece of cake but on a bad day, it’s stress city and hellish for us both.

And through all that I write. Not try to write or just make the effort but actually write – pen to paper, fingertips to keyboard to word processing program.

It may not be a huge turnout of pages. It could be only ½ a page, 500 words or just writing non-stop for 15 minutes. As long as I’ve written and made progress in my story, then I’ve accomplished a goal.

To be published, you have to write and write every day to produce a quality story. I’m not talking about editing or revising but writing, getting the first draft done so you can move to the next phase and eventually to the submission phase.

So when the dog’s barking, spouse or significant other wants time, it may be hard to take time to write. But you have to ask the question – how will you feel if you don’t write?

I will freely admit that I have had periods where I do not write daily. I admit that I have not written and made excuses. I didn’t write but I also didn’t get a manuscript or story completed either.

Now I write everyday. My motto: No matter what just KEEP writing.

I still haven’t mastered the sleep versus writing or clean house versus writing factors. But it doesn’t matter because it will get done, it just may take me a little longer. Writing is my sanity and my life’s work.

I may have to take a shorter shower, eat a frozen dinner for lunch at work instead of cooking. I may have to get up earlier or go to bed later. But through all that, in all that, no matter what – I write. If I can’t get to a computer, I have my notebook that I carry with me everywhere.

And since I began this process and adopted this motto I have completed 4 manuscripts and submitted to agents and publishers. I also had an e-book recently released.

Despite life and all it throws at us, in the face of writer’s block and plot overload the key is persistence. No matter what. Keep on writing.