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A Little Time At The Beach


Everyone loves the beach.  Though I live in Montana, I’m fortune to spend my winters at the beach in sunny California.  My writing space looks out on a boat channel that leads to the harbor so I watch the tide go up and down several times a day.

A bicycle-ride away, a sandy beach slopes down to the water where a frothy tide rolls in and out, the perfect place to talk a stroll at the end of a long day or just dig your toes into the warm gritty sand.

A Party to Remember


Since my hero in BEYOND DANGER, Beau Reese, is a mega rich playboy, a once-famous race car driver, I thought it might be fun to write about a mega-wealthy party I got invited to a few years back.  Well, more than a few, considering it was a millennium party celebrating the thousand year change in our calendar.

My husband and I wanted to do something really special for that night so I had been looking at different trips, hotels, and cruises.  We wanted to do something we would never forget. 



I’ve been a geek since way back in the day. We had one of the first PC’s on the block (yeah, I’m dating myself here) and I knew how to code in BASIC before the fifth grade. I remember early bulletin boards.  I was into comic books, science fiction, fantasy; I watched anime with friends, enough to learn Japanese phrases; I played RPG (role playing game) based board games and video games. 

My Tribute to Heath


One of the steps in my writing process has always been to use an actor or model as a frame of reference for my heroes and heroines. I’m a visual person and when I write, I tend to see the scenes play out as if I was viewing a movie in my head. To make my life infinitely easier, while also making the scene and imagery more tangible for me, I will ascribe an actor to the character as my point of reference for their physical appearance. Usually I will find pictures of the actor, which is not a hardship by any means, and will pull them up whenever I need a little nudge of writing inspiration.

Unsung Heroes


When I was first approached about participating in the Hero Undercover Anthology, what stuck out for me was that this would be a chance for me to give back. You see each author involved is donating their royalties earned on this set to a charitable organization of their choosing. There is one that is near and dear to my heart. It’s a worthwhile cause that helps children.

Plotting a Trilogy


When the idea came to me for a book set in Texas, I knew immediately I wanted to write more than one.  Texas is such a vast and interesting place with limitless possibilities.

In BEYOND REASON, the first book in what turned into my Texas Trilogy, multi-millionaire, Lincoln Cain, was a character who came to me full-blown.  Cain, six-foot-five inches of solid male muscle, a man who survived a tough childhood and even tougher years in prison, then redeemed himself and became a mega-successful entrepreneur, was a guy I desperately wanted to write.



Speed, strength, immortally, shifter, magic, genetic modifications, and more.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be gifted with some type of superpower? I certainly have. Our society has examined this mythos in film, on television, in comic books, and novels. The phrase “Faster than a speeding bullet” first used in the Superman radio shows in the 1940s (Wikipedia n.d.) and many more like it entered popular culture in such a way as to exemplify our desires for greatness.



It’s wonderful to be back on Romance Divas! As you probably know by now, I write Regency romances. The Regency lasted for only a short period of time. It was technically from 1811 when King George III was declared insane and his son, the Prince of Wales, was declared Regent. It ended in 1820 when the king died and his son, George IV, was crowned. The long Regency, however, lasted from the later 18th century until Victoria was crowned in 1837.

Q & A with Kat Martin

Where do you like to write and do you have a ritual before you start a book?

I am lucky to have an office in my home in Montana that looks out over the beautful Sapphire mountains.  In the winter, I live at the beach.  My office looks out over the boat channels leading to the harbor.  I get to watch the surfers paddleboarding in and out!  Both great places to write.  No ritual before I start.  I usually take a day, maybe two before I get back to work.  I used to take a month, but I don’t have that luxury anymore.

Veterans Day and Military Romances


Every year around the November 11th Veterans Day holiday, there are books with military themes and heroes on sale. If you love a hero in uniform as much as I do, it is an opportune time to get a bargain on a book in a genre you enjoy. I want to examine what constitutes the military trope and/or hero. In my experience, the books sold as military fall into a couple of different categories, active and former military.