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Where Do You Get Your Ideas?


OnceARakeThis is probably the most frequently asked question a writer gets. I’m always tempted to answer that there’s a little idea shop on 52nd Street in New York. But the truth is that it’s much easier—and much harder—than that.

Ideas are easy. Or, should I say, become easy. Getting ideas is as simple as training yourself to observe. Be it watching news or overhearing conversations, seeing an interesting person at the coffee shop or relaying interesting details from your job, there is always something to use. Life, after all, is endlessly varied and fascinating. The trick is to notice. To automatically question. To play a game I first learned from Mary Higgings Clark. “What if?”

Dispatches from My Life in Russia: Culture Shock, Cigarettes and Surveillance


russiantemptationIf you happened to catch my “Behind the Scenes” article in the November issue of Romantic Times, you already know I’m a former diplomat with weapons of mass destruction expertise who was stationed in Russia for several intriguing years.  Although I worked for the U.S. Embassy, I lived in the open in a spacious city apartment in downtown Moscow.  There, my two Siberian cats, my modern art collection and I shared many strange and exotic adventures.

Writing Versus Working Out


I have a confession to make.

When I write, I do something odd. Actually it’s something I’m trying to integrate regularly. Because I sit so much, as we writers do, I realized my regular workout routine wasn’t gonna keep me in shape. So, I upped the ante and started setting a timer. When it goes off, I sprint up and down the stairs a few times and do 3-4 minutes of exercise of some kind.

At least that’s the plan.

The truth is, I often get so immersed in writing, I turn the timer off after the first or second  annoying little beep, and I forget to turn it on again. It’s the neatest thing, though. The more time I spend writing, the easier it is, and the better writer I become.

Treating Writing As A Job


When I began my writing journey, not quite two and a half years ago, I dreamed of having an agent and a NY publisher. Which is exactly what I got. I also dreamed of having my first book published much sooner than this, but that was before I knew anything about the publishing business.

The questions I was asked this year at RWA Nationals boiled down to how did I do it? Quite simply, I treated writing like a job. The type one does when it matters. Having been in the Army, I knew something about that. A friend told me to write three books. Don’t stop to make the first one perfect. I thought that was wonderful advice, and still do. Little did I know at the time that many writers write a lot more than three books before they get published, I had my nose glued to the grindstone. I no longer watched TV, and my husband took to making dates with me so he could have my undivided attention.

The Lotus Palace: Researching Artwork to Make an Era Come Alive


Researching an ancient culture isn’t always about reading academic articles and translations. For my Tang Dynasty historical romances and especially for THE LOTUS PALACE, I spend time reflecting on the artwork of the culture in order to recreate a sense of beauty and elegance that resonates within these pieces.

For instance, it’s often mentioned in academic writings that the women of the Tang Dynasty enjoyed more freedom than other eras. They are often depicted riding on horseback and even in sculptures playing polo.

Submissions for 2013 Free Reads (Fall Festival Theme)


I’ve opened up the submissions form for our Fall Festival Free Reads 2013, which is posted here: http://romancedivas.com/free-reads-2013-submissions/

Reminder: If you do hove cover art to use for this, it must tasteful – not be raunchy or explicit. If you do not, don’t worry, Jax is providing a template which we will use for all other stories.

Theme: This is a holiday themed free read. It doesn’t have to be about Thanksgiving specifically, but something that will get people into the holiday spirit. So it doesn’t matter what country you’re from and whether or not you celebrate Thanksgiving. Our target release just happens to be close to that holiday timeframe.

Real Heroines Wear Lingerie—or Should I Say Divas?


Hi there, I’m Ava Miles, the author of the newly released small-town contemporary romance called FRENCH ROAST, which has the additional fun of a New Adult and foodie flavor to it.

I really do believe real heroines wear lingerie—or divas since Romance Divas has been so wonderful to host me on their blog. Since Jax and Kristen love the term “diva” like I do—who doesn’t like the a word that means divine goddess?—it seemed totally appropriate to talk about a diva’s feminine accessory, lingerie, and the role it plays in romance and female-bonding.

Perhaps it’s because I have three sisters, but shopping for lingerie is a staple in our family. We do like to claim our divine goddess. :) Of course, a mall outing can be fun, but going into that special store filled with exotic items was always way cooler growing up. And still is.

As I writer, I’ve created heroines who like to wear lingerie. I mean, don’t we all have a secret obsession with “dressing” up for those special occasions? Ladies, you know what I’m talking about.

Hello and Goodbye


Painter_LastBlood-MMToday marks the release of many books, but the authors of two in particular, Last Blood by Kristen Painter and Sanctuary Island by Lily Everett, have joined us today to talk about what it’s like to end an epic series and start a very emotional one. Last Blood is the final book in the action-packed gothic vampire urban fantasy series, House of Comarre, while Sanctuary Island begins the heart-tugging exploration of romance in a wild horse sanctuary on a small Virginia island.

Classic Romance Heroes: The Regency Rake, the Highland Warrior & the Tang Dynasty…Scholar?


I *heart* nerds.

i love nerds

It’s no wonder that so many of my heroes are scholars. My bad boy heroes are failed scholars. You dark and dangerous rebel you.

Everything Is Copy


Nora Ephron was undeniably one of the greats of both romance and comedy, the intersection of which is where I find myself writing most often.  One of her well-known quotes – and something she originally learned from her mother – was: “Everything is copy” … meaning everything that happens to you is potential eventual fodder for your writing.  To me, this is one of the most wonderful things about being a writer.