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Brady Bunch Regency Style

Three Weeks to Wed hi res



As I write this I’m in the Caribbean on a boat that’s rocking to beat the band. We’ve got two anchors out and are hunkered down until the latest squall passes. That, however, has absolutely nothing to do with what I write. Regencies. I’m known for my large cast of characters, and taking otherwise perfectly eligible people and tying, what one reviewer calls, Gordian knots. My new novel, Three Weeks to Wed, is the first book in my new series, The Worthington’s.

Gay Characters in Romance: Change is Good




I remember reading a romance a long time ago in which the heroine unknowingly married (or perhaps she was engaged) to a homosexual. The man was portrayed as a monster and a deviant, and we were supposed to feel greatly relieved that she was able to escape such a horrid person. I can’t remember the author, the book, or anything else about the storyline, but that one scene stayed with me.

Thinking back on that novel makes me realize how much times have changed and in such a remarkably short time. How, if people are not completely accepting of homosexuality, they are at the very least, more understanding.

A Butterfly Flaps Its Wings



Sometimes things happen in life that produce ripples far down the road. Case in point – my first RWA conference in 1991. New Orleans. Hot. Steamy. And me an extreme “newbie”. (It would be another five long years before I sold my first book.)

I gobbled up workshops, of course, wanting so badly to get published. But aside from the educational aspect of the national conference, I was absolutely astounded to find out that I could get free books! Lots of them!

The Modern Prince Charming


NobodysprincessBY SARAH HEGGER

It’s become more complicated to write that swoon-worthy hero for the woman of today. Tiffany is trying desperately to find Mr. Right, and her journey is familiar to many modern women.

Who is Mr. Right really? Does he have blue eyes, sandy hair, is he a surfer, a doctor, does he cook or just grill, is he allergic to seafood, does he watch Game of Thrones? Does the man meant for you meet the criteria on your checklist or is he nothing like you expected. Is there even just one man out there for you, or are there male multiples, each one coming into your life at the appropriate moment, but none staying forever. There is no cookie cutter scenario, Prince Charming isn’t the epitome of fulfillment for all women, and the right thing for a modern gal isn’t so cut and dried.

No chocolate in Spain…


As an unrepentant chocoholic, I had to laugh when I saw that Roseann poster where she says, “There is no chocolate in Hell. That’s why it’s Hell.” How true. But given that we’re on earth, indulging in the decadent treat shouldn’t be a problem, right?

Wrong. At least during a certain period.

For my erotic historical, Loving Lies, I chose medieval Spain, 1488 to be exact. I had once written a paranormal romance with that period mentioned and had already researched the Inquisition extensively. I thought—whoa, what I’ve already done will make this new book easy.

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

Q&A with Kat Martin


Please tell us about yourself for readers new to you. What made you start writing?

I’ve always loved to read. When my husband (boyfriend back then) wrote a book, I thought it would be fun to try it. Now I’ve written more than 60 books. I wrote historical for years, but fell in love with writing the hunky guys in my Romantic Suspense novels. Ethan Brodie in INTO THE FURY is my newest.

How long did it take before you were published? Was it everything that you thought it would be?

It took me six months of submissions to find a publishers. I was turned down by all but one of the traditional publishers in New York. I was in despair when Pageant bought the book and made it a lead title, which jump-started my career. Yes, I would say the journey has been longer and harder than I thought it would be, but the rewards have been great.

Casting Call


Borrowing-TroubleBY STACY FINZ

I’m a visual person. When I’m dreaming up characters for a new book I like to hang pictures in my office of what I think they look like. Someone to stare at when I need inspiration.

Because I’m woefully ignorant about the names of current Hollywood stars, this usually involves me Googling things like “hot cowboys” or “curvaceous blondes” or “that guy in Magic Mike XXL,” which inevitably leads me to porn sites. Anyone getting a look at my computer cookies would probably think I’m a registered sex offender.

Five Tips To Sharpen Your Writing

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I never give writing tips.  I figure everyone has his own personal style.  Plus some people are just naturally good.  But I do think there are a few things authors can do to sharpen their work.  Here are some of the things I think about when I am writing a novel.

  1. Start with a hook. Make your first sentence or at least your first paragraph compelling.  Make the reader want to read the book!  In INTO THE FURY, my newest Romantic Suspense, the first sentence reads, SINNERS, SLUTS, and WHORES–BEWARE.  Your TIME is at HAND.  Standing next to the long mahogany table in the conference room, Ethan Brodie re-read the note he’d just been handed.

Not Your Usual Cowboy Romances




What do you get when you combine a former rodeo stock contractor with a lotta cowboy attitude, a hard-as-nails no nonsense New York investment banker, and a Las Vegas hotel that’s seen better days?

Hotel Rodeo, a smart and sizzling sexy new contemporary romance series from bestselling, award-winning author VICTORIA VANE.

HOTEL RODEO is a distinct departure from my more traditional cowboy romances. Ty Morgan is a very flawed hero. He’s a divorced playboy who loves woman—in single serving sizes and has an alcohol problem that he’s mostly overcome.  He’s got a smart mouth and talks a lot of smack about his ex-wife, but deep down takes responsibility for the failed marriage. He has countless “friends” but doesn’t let anyone get too close, with the exception of his business partner, Oklahoma billionaire, Tom Brandt.  With no other family or close connections, The Hotel means everything to Ty, but he knows its days are numbered.

Angela Burrowes: My Filthy, Outspoken Athena


MyRecklessValentineBY OLIVIA DADE

In Greek mythology, Athena—the goddess of wisdom and so much else—was not born. Instead, she sprang fully grown and armed from her father Zeus’ aching forehead, freed by a blow of the ax to his skull. She experienced no infancy, no swath of time where her goals or personality remained inchoate or indistinct. Instead, she emerged entirely complete and ready for battle.