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Troubling Thought Isn’t It?


The-Earl's-EnticementI just added three more books to my to-be-read list today.

I honestly don’t know how many I have saved to my Kindle or jotted on the little notebook I keep for those “great finds.”  Then, there is my IPad, plus all the print books I have stacked on my nightstand and in my writing room bookcase.

I finally forced myself to purge my print novels a few years ago. I only kept about fifty hardbacks, and truthfully, I’ll likely never reread the ones I’ve already read. There are just so many additional tantalizing stories begging me to crack their covers open and dive in.

Hail Caesar!


loveandvengeanceIn all the eras of history, why did I write a romance during the time of gladiators? We’ve seen the films, the endings never end happily – Spartacus dies; the warriors in 300 die; Maximus in the movie Gladiator dies; so do the heroes in The Centurion and The Eagle. In fact, love is only minor role during that period, so why write about it?

Book-Love in Any Language


A-Shot-of-RedIt’s hard not be romantic about books. From antique tomes to e-books, paperbacks to hard covers, books have a way of sneaking into your heart and settling there. I get the book-love rush every time I step into a library, a big brick-and-mortar bookstore, or a quirky indie shop. The air just feels different, as if countless tales are holding their breath, waiting to be told.

Why I Love Historicals


One of the things I love about historical romances is the differences between now and then. When I discovered my fourth book would be set in Europe I felt confident writing about areas I’d either visited or lived in. After all, even now, Europe hasn’t changed as much as the US has. Yet, even with my masters in international relations, I’d forgotten the damage the Napoleonic wars caused, not only in physical damage, but in political re-alignments.

The World of The Cantati


One of the things I adore about paranormal worlds is the chance to create a new universe often where the normal law of physics may not necessarily apply. When the concept for the Cantati Chronicles first arose, I knew I wanted to develop a new world that hopefully had not been done before. How was I able to come up with my version of a post-apocalyptic world?



Where do I get the inspirations for my stories? Inspiration for my stories comes from all over. Sometimes from the news, or something that has happened to someone I know. Usually I don’t know the whole story going in, just the main drivers and motivations. How it’s all going to happen usually unfolds as I get to know my characters better in the first draft. I do like to include familiar things in my stories that just about anyone can connect with. If I tickle one memory that tugs on your heart while you’re reading one of my books, then I feel like I’ve accomplished a great thing.

Cooking For A Country Singer


So, hi there! I’m Ava Miles, the new contemporary romance writer who burst onto the scene with her book NORA ROBERTS LAND, which kicked off my acclaimed Dare Valley series. Now, I’m delighted to announce the first book in a connected series called Dare River, set in the deep South, titled COUNTRY HEAVEN. Thanks to Romance Divas for hosting me!

Writing and Balance


GIVEAWAY: Comment for a chance to win an autographed copy of Marriage of Inconvenience or a choice of any title from her ebooks.

One of the questions I’ve been asked most since my first book was published in 1997 is how many hours a day do I write. It used to depend on the deadline specified in my contract. When racing toward a deadline (and more advance monies released), I would write six or seven days a week, eight hours a day. I have turned in every contracted book before my deadline.

Jumping into Korean Mythology: Mystical Monsters in Repossessed


This is my first time here on Romance Divas with a blog post and I’m excited to talk about one of my favorite parts of writing: research, research, and research.

In my latest paranormal romance release, REPOSSESSED, my hero Rob Shin is a Korean warlock with an arsenal of magical tools in his magical satchel. For Rob’s story, I wanted to jump in headfirst into Korean mythology and research the mythological creatures told in tales. I’d already performed this kind of research for COVETED and KEPT, two other books in the same universe. For those I explored Russian mythological creatures, in particular the vodyanoy and rusalka. The vodyanoy is a water spirit and the rusalka is water nymph. For REPOSSESSED I wanted to take things a step further since my story this time has a Korean spellcaster as the protagonist and not a werewolf like in COVETED.

Scheming Rivals and Deplorable Relatives: How Minor Characters Enrich a Romance


Although opinions may vary, a list of the best romances of all time would probably include these four stories near the top:  Pride and Prejudice, Outlander, Jane Eyre, and Twilight.

What do these stories have in common?  The heroine has a Deplorable Relative as well as a Scheming Rival.  But that’s not all; the heroine also has a Kind Friend to confide in, a Despicable Villain to best, and at least one acquaintance who seems impossibly good.