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Dream A Little Dream


Madeline's-Christmas-WishDo you have a dream? It doesn’t matter if it’s a job, a trip of a lifetime, or a place you’d like to live. Over thirty years ago, I told my boyfriend, now my husband, that I wanted to retire on a sailboat. He said he did too, and the long, long, journey began.

He was in the Army at the time, and I’d gotten out of the service and gone back to school before reentering the Army. Well, I’ll tell you that there are very few places in the Army where you are anywhere near water, and definitely not for any significant period of time. I had been stationed on Guam, but the unit was no longer there, and it wouldn’t have been an option for my husband at any rate. Then, of course, we had a child. It is amazing how much money they cost to raise. One house gave way to another as we traveled around the world. But eventually the child grew up, and went into the Army, we moved back to the States, and bought the house that we were going to be able to sell to buy the boat. Unfortunately, the housing market crashed, taking all of our boat money with it. And, although, we still talked about the boat, the dream still looked far away.

Then in June a series of incidents occurred, and we made the decision that my husband would retire, I would continue to write, and we would buy the boat. But I had the strange feeling that if we didn’t execute the plan in very short order, it and we might become derailed again.

At the end of September, a mere ten days prior to his retirement, and us having to move out of his apartment, the deal on the boat we’d been looking for months fell through, as did the next offer. Then we found it, and four days after my husband retired, we were living on the boat.

If you have a dream, have you achieved it yet? If not, what are you going to do to make it happen?


Ella Quinn lived all over the United States, the Pacific, Canada, England and Europe before finally discovering the Caribbean. She lives on a sailboat St. Thomas, Virgin Islands with her wonderful husband of over thirty years, two bossy cats and a loveable Portuguese Water Dog. Ella loves when friends connect with her.

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Five Fun Facts about Online Dating Granny Style


Fit-to-Be-Tied150The second book in The Granny Series, Fit to Be Tied, tackles the topic—and sometimes hilarious pitfalls—of online dating. Which meant Nancy and I had to poke around to find out more about these dating sites.

So today, we want to share a few fun facts about online dating, granny-style! :-)

Where Do I Find Paradise?


Exposed-to-Passion150Thank you so much for inviting me to visit this blog today. I’m excited to share the top seven places I consider paradise today.

Every body has their own definition of paradise. Ask five random people and you’ll get five very different answers. I checked on Merriam-Webster online for the official definition before I started writing about where I find it. Oh mighty Webster defines it as:

Who Loves a Hardcore Alpha?


Soulfire150I had a conversation with a friend the other day, debating why independent-minded, strong-willed women crave alpha males. She, being one of these women with quite an affinity for the fictional Christian Grey, said “it’s not that I want to be dominated out in the real world—just in the bedroom.” So I mentally tapped my chin, pondering my own fascination with alpha males.

The Way Magical Things Often Do


ChardonnayBook 1 in the Napa Wine Heiresses series, A TASTE OF CHARDONNAY, launched on—lucky OCT 13! It’s been a barrel of fun writing about how Char and her strong-willed sisters find their life’s work—and of course, fall in love with equally strong men along the way.

A Case of Identities


Going-Home150Thank you for having me on Romance Divas. This is my first blog tour and I wanted to tell you a little bit about myself. I’m an identity thief. I admit it. I steal annoying personality traits, bad habits and funny eccentricities from my friends, family members, even strangers and give them to my fictional characters. Sometimes it gets me into trouble, especially when the characteristic is easily identifiable, like my mother’s propensity to start every sentence with “This is interesting,” even when it’s not (luckily she won’t be reading this, because she’s not a fan of “the Internets”).

Monsters Versus Men


RupturedThe worlds of urban fantasy and paranormal romance are where I truly found my writing niche. I’m a geek at heart. Most of the books I read and TV shows I watch have paranormal elements, like Kresley Cole’s Immortals After Dark series, and Shannon Butcher’s Sentinels series. When it comes to TV, The Walking Dead, Sleepy Hallow, Haven, and Supernatural are on my DVR list. If it has fangs, fur, artificially intelligent robots, and mystical creatures, I am there.

Writing the Small Town Series


OneNightWith150When coming up for a series concept for Special Edition, I went back to my roots. (Not the ones that are sprinkled with grays, but the where I came from type) I grew up in a small town in the Midwest. Population 14,000 and shrinking. In the middle of corn fields and built around the railway system. A large enough size that I didn’t know everyone in town, but I was in the paper often enough (as a good student, not in the police blotter) that people recognized me or when asked I’d say who my parents were.

Dance The Night Away


TETL150Despite the depiction of the Medieval Period as being very serious and religious, the people of the time actually enjoyed themselves in one way we often do as well:  dancing.  There is little written evidence, although there are many paintings that depict dances from this period.  There are three that I used in Time Enough to Love, my medieval novel, and the dancing serves to heighten conflict each time it is used.

The Things You Learn


Enticing-Miss-Eugenie-Villaret150I’m so glad to be back on Romance Divas!! Thank you for having me.

The research for my latest book, Enticing Miss Eugénie Villaret was a challenge on different levels.

The largest difficulty I faced was the lack of institutional knowledge about the area or even documents. It seems that that everyone remembers up to 1780 and after 1830, but nothing during the Regency. During a conversation with the historian on Tortola, BVI, I was told that the information I found dating St. George’s church to the mid-19th century was incorrect. A St. George’s church has stood on that site since the early 18th century. The problem is that due to hurricanes and fires, most of the documents have been lost. Also, they kept building over the same site.