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Why Second Bananas Are My Faves


Twice-TemptedI just got one of the best reviews I’ve ever received by Miss Ivy’s Book Nook on Librarything. The part that really tickles me is this. “What really distinguishes TWICE TEMPTED, for me, is the brilliance and singularity of Mairead, Chuffy, and Lady Bea. I don’t believe I’ve ever encountered their like portrayed as they are. Not only do they shine brightly but they cast a warm glow, enriching both the plot and characters around them. They’re treasured, respected, and the way their unique abilities and intelligence are utilized is marvelous.”

My Dream Job


HerWinningFormulaI’m a hard worker. I always have been, which means that I’ll work almost any job, even if I hate it, as long as it pays the bills. I worked at a hot dog stand all through high school and college. I even continued to work there after I started teaching. I worked as a tutor. I run my husband’s construction company. I work as an editor for an education company and I still teach part-time. That’s all on top of being a mom to my 3 kids. My life is a series of part-time work—except for motherhood. That one is never ending.

Move Over Fabio. There’s A New Cover Model In Town!



WitchHunter150So I’m sure we all remember the sexy, Italian stallion of male models, Fabio, His chiseled face and rippling pecs graced the covers of countless romance novels. Coincidently, before I became a romance author and he became the face of the bodice ripper novel, our paths crossed back in the eighties, at a nightclub on Long Island. I was trolling the place with a group of my friends, when a very large man in a shadowy corner waved us over. At that point, none of us knew he was or that he was on the verge of major stardom for that matter. He was just some guy autographing glossy photos of himself and trying to garner female attention. My friend’s and I declined his photos, laughed good naturedly and walked away, not at all interested in fawning all over him.

Reinventing Yourself


FamilyPlotWhen I sold my first novel (Wrong-Way Romance, a young adult book published in 1991 by Bantam as part of its Sweet Dreams series), I thought I had arrived. I was finally a member of the Published Authors Club, and would never have any trouble selling anything and everything I wrote. I could not have been more wrong. Over the more than twenty years—and sixteen published novels—since then, I’ve learned that the business of writing for publication is a constant process of re-inventing yourself.

Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Me


hotpursuit10. I know how to make maple syrup from scratch–as in getting the liquid from the tree and boiling it for hours.

9. My middle toe doesn’t bend. Somehow I broke it without knowing it and the bones fused together. If I curl my toes, the middle one sticks out like I’m giving someone the finger.

8. My favorite book is Coming Home by Rosamunde Pilcher.

Fictional Friendships…And Real Ones…


ShoeKillsThe best part of writing a series is getting to revisit the same town, book after book. But it’s not just stopping by Diamond Lille’s for dinner or running along the stretch of beach that I love. I adore building the friendships between my character, Jill, and her cronies.

Fabulous Fabio Book Covers



I grew up reading the romance novels of the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s. I’d filch them from my mom and read them in secret long before I had any idea what that shaft business was all about (you probably guessed that it’s a penis – took me a while to figure that one out!). I think there are a lot of readers and writers with a similar story. In middle school, I bought a purse just big enough in which to hide my Jude Deverauxs’ and Nora Roberts’. Tiny purses were in, but I needed a way to sneak my secret habit from algebra to language arts. By the time I was fifteen, I worked in a used bookstore, surrounded by the Technicolor glory of the Fabio book covers.



white_fire150Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and wondered what the heck happened? Thought to yourself, “How the hell did I end up here?” And where is this horrible here? Too fat? Too old? Too broke? Unaccomplished? Alone? Scared? Angry? Addicted? The list goes on and on. The optimistic six-year-old inside of us that dreamt of princesses, castles and knights riding their noble steeds is like a far-distant fantasy. And when this moment hits us all, and it does find us all, what is it that we really wish was possible?

Dream A Little Dream


Madeline's-Christmas-WishDo you have a dream? It doesn’t matter if it’s a job, a trip of a lifetime, or a place you’d like to live. Over thirty years ago, I told my boyfriend, now my husband, that I wanted to retire on a sailboat. He said he did too, and the long, long, journey began.

Five Fun Facts about Online Dating Granny Style


Fit-to-Be-Tied150The second book in The Granny Series, Fit to Be Tied, tackles the topic—and sometimes hilarious pitfalls—of online dating. Which meant Nancy and I had to poke around to find out more about these dating sites.

So today, we want to share a few fun facts about online dating, granny-style! :-)