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I don’t always get the opportunity to come out from behind the publishing curtain. While it’s nice and safe, I like to make the time to show both readers and authors that the "Wizard" is only human. (Thank God not short and green.)  There are vicious rumors going around that I carry a whip and pounce on unsuspecting authors and I hope by a series of blogs here at Romance Divas I can put that crazed, whip cracking Wizard phenom to rest.  If you’ll allow, sometimes I’ll post writing tidbits or do’s and don’ts, but like Shrek I’ve got a few layers and I’d like to show them. (I promise to keep my clothes on though!)

Today’s topic…Personal Pet-Peeves

Another day, another blog post, I’ll talk about writing pet-peeves but today, you get a bit of what ticks Tina off.  When you’re done reading through, let me know if what makes me insane makes you crazy too!  What are some other things that you just can’t stand?  I’ve got a free ebook download from the Liquid Silver library for someone, but you have to post to enter!

1. Road Rage…specifically road rage courtesy of Mr. Burns. Sure, I understand that every other driver on the road is a complete idiot. Yes, I get that the city engineers should go back to school because they can’t plan for the city expanding. HOWEVER, you can not complain to me about how vile traffic is when you only have 15 to 20 minutes of rush hour traffic. You see, I have 45 min to an HOUR of rush hour traffic. I trump you.

2. Grocery shoppers…Why is it that perfectly intelligent people suddenly can’t count to save their life at the grocery store? You have a cart FULL of groceries, yet you insist on unloading in a lane that says both "EXPRESS" and "15 items or less". The sign tells you twice you don’t belong there. In addition to you missing the "signs" you don’t get that the grimace the cashier gives you isn’t because she has a sudden case of stomach pains, it’s because you’ve developed what I like to call grocery-itus. Perfectly normal consumers suddenly can’t count, or leave cold meat in the toilet paper isle. Forget that there’s a little red number ticket stanchion in the deli, a person with grocery-itus can just barge in waiving their "I’m next" fist that hides a non-existent number. My favorite thing since sliced bread? Online grocery shopping that delivers to my door. Heck yeah.

3. One-Uppers…I can not stand people who have a story for every story I tell. True story…

OU: "Hey Tina, what did you do this weekend?"

Me: "Not much. Hung with the boys, relaxed. Went to Ruby Tuesdays for dinner. And yo…?"

OU: interrupting "Ruby Tuesdays, oh my God, this one time we were back home for the holidays. My sister, you know the one I told you has a boyfriend who works for the train station, she wanted to go to Ruby Tuesdays…"

15 Minutes later OU is still talking and I’m fake laughing.

OU: "Anyway, glad you had a good weekend."

Now, to the casual observer of this conversation you might be thinking, "That’s not One-Upping?!" True, one instance of relating a story to something I said isn’t One-Upping. Now take this scenario and multiply it times 100…in one day. *head meet desk* I finally couldn’t stand it anymore and told OU that he has a story for every story, he denied it.

Until today. Score 1 for Tina.

4. Hacking Lugies…My day job is with 12 men. 12 salesmen, ranging in ages from 25 to 39. Men are disgusting. I could spend days telling you about the Frat house/Day Care environment I work in, but the biggest, most disgusting thing those guys do all the time is snort their snot up into their brains, back down to their throats, roll it around as if they were tasting wine, and then swallow. ‘Nuff said.

What about you? Let me have it, what bugs you?


Tina Burns, Publisher for Liquid Silver Books, has been in the ePublishing industry for five years plus and an avid reader for as long as she can remember. Her experiences have taken her from proofreader, editor, Author, and Author PR to where she is today. She lives in Arizona where she’s a busy mother of two rowdy boys and happily married to her opposite. Her inbox is always open –

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