Kissing with Kissa

Since my name is Kissa I thought it only appropriate that I do a how-to article to help everyone out for that ultimate romantic night that we refer to as Valentine’s Day. Sure, it’s a made-up, Hallmark holiday but who doesn’t love chocolate and kisses with a little romance heaved in? Take a few minutes to read through these easy directions and you’ll be sweeping your honey off of his/her feet.

First you should be familiar with the different types of kisses…
Cherry Kiss- chew a huge piece of cherry-flavored bubble-gum right before kissing. Your partner will taste the cherry and imagine your mouth as a tiny bit of virgin.

Superhero Kiss- role play encouraged for this one- have your partner hang backwards over the edge of the bed and you sit on the floor and kiss him/her. Your bottom lips will be touching. Ultimate sensual sensation.

Suck-face Kiss- gently suck your partner’s bottom lip while trailing along the jawbone with your dominant fingers.

Lizard Kiss- while not recommended for serious romance this kiss is a great way to break the ice. Enter your tongue into your partner’s mouth and quickly take it out. Repeat. Repeat. If they grab your tongue and hold it- they’re a keeper!

Explosion Kiss- Put a few pop-rocks in your mouth and pass them to your partner while kissing. Don’t separate until the sumptuous rocks melt away.

Candy Kiss- Use one of those candy-flavored lip glosses all over your lips. (Make sure you get one with taste.) Let your partner lick, kiss and repeat.

Jewelry Kiss- This one requires one or both of the partners to have a tongue ring. Play with the ring with your tongue, gently please. It will throw a whole new set of sensations into the mix.

Erotic Kiss- Tie your partner’s hands behind his/her back and kiss them all over- avoiding the lips. Kiss around the lips but don’t actually touch them. You’re sure to hear begging and I’d suggest you give in, not immediately of course.

Butterfly Kiss- A personal favorite of mine. Lean in close to your partner and flash your eyelashes back and forth over your partner’s skin. It’s amazing!

Eskimo Kiss- How about rubbing noses? And cheeks? And lips? This can be done with almost any body part.

Medicated Kiss- Kissing while drinking- need I say more?

Tingly Kiss- This requires some type of medicated balm on both sets of lips. Try two different kinds and mix them together with your lips.

3*Kiss- This can be accomplished with three or more sets of lips entering into the same kiss.

The Kissa Kiss- The Kissa kiss is very complicated and not for amateurs. Please be warned that this kiss will attract more attention than you may be physically ready for. Do not begin the process that makes up this kiss unless you have at least sixteen hours to spare. Use multiple brightly colored scarves to hold a small piece of saran wrap over your partner’s lips. (please avoid the nose, we don’t want anyone passing out!) Use one of the scarves to bind your partner’s hands in any position pleasing to yourself. Use another scarf to bind your partner’s ankles together. Use yet another scarf to hold back your partner’s hair. Did I mention the bound partner must be naked? Okay, now sit and grind your lips into the lips of your partner. Keep the saran wrap between you. Run your lips along the lips of your partner. They will try to break free but it will be impossible. If you take it upon yourself to move your lips to other parts of the body- use more saran wrap. Enjoy.

Pick your poison and go for it!
Kissa Starling
This article was originally published in the Midnight Seductions Authors February newsletter. For more information on this seductive group of authors visit:

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