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Writing the Small Town Series


OneNightWith150When coming up for a series concept for Special Edition, I went back to my roots. (Not the ones that are sprinkled with grays, but the where I came from type) I grew up in a small town in the Midwest. Population 14,000 and shrinking. In the middle of corn fields and built around the railway system. A large enough size that I didn’t know everyone in town, but I was in the paper often enough (as a good student, not in the police blotter) that people recognized me or when asked I’d say who my parents were.

Dance The Night Away


TETL150Despite the depiction of the Medieval Period as being very serious and religious, the people of the time actually enjoyed themselves in one way we often do as well:  dancing.  There is little written evidence, although there are many paintings that depict dances from this period.  There are three that I used in Time Enough to Love, my medieval novel, and the dancing serves to heighten conflict each time it is used.

The Things You Learn


Enticing-Miss-Eugenie-Villaret150I’m so glad to be back on Romance Divas!! Thank you for having me.

The research for my latest book, Enticing Miss Eugénie Villaret was a challenge on different levels.

The largest difficulty I faced was the lack of institutional knowledge about the area or even documents. It seems that that everyone remembers up to 1780 and after 1830, but nothing during the Regency. During a conversation with the historian on Tortola, BVI, I was told that the information I found dating St. George’s church to the mid-19th century was incorrect. A St. George’s church has stood on that site since the early 18th century. The problem is that due to hurricanes and fires, most of the documents have been lost. Also, they kept building over the same site.

Love Divas!



I love the term ‘diva’. Some people think of it as a negative connotation. Not so. Divas in the true sense are experts in whatever they create and are secure in their person and their abilities…likes and dislikes. They are content in their own skins and stand up for what they love. They can be termed feisty if they hail from the south. I write feisty heroines. Being born a Texan and living here all my life, I can tell you that I am proud to be a feisty female and I welcome the term diva…in the best sense, of course.

Two Heroes, One Book



When I was writing my very first romance novel, I started in an organized manner with a detailed story outline.  I still have that outline saved and it is amazing how different it is from the book that was finally written.  And those changes are all due to one character who decided he wanted to be a hero.

Am I A Real Author



I was watching Jewel of the Nile the other night. It’s the sequel to Romancing the Stone, and not quite as good as the first. But I started thinking about the reason Joan Wilder went off to Africa with the sheik. She was suffering from writer’s block, and thinks that by writing a biography of a world leader, she will be taken more seriously as a writer. After seventeen romance novels, she doesn’t “know how it ends,” and thinks maybe she should move on from her career and her romance with Jack Colton.

The Rise of Digital Erotica and the Empowerment of Modern Women


You can’t help but have noticed the surge in popularity of digital erotica over the last few years. Perhaps beginning with the breakout success of E. L. James’ 50 Shades of Grey trilogy, the popularity of digital erotic literature has skyrocketed. But what does this say about female empowerment? Is the marked rise in the use of such material evidence that women are breaking the shackles of conservatism, or rather is this simply a reveal of something that was already there?  To put it another way, have women always been empowered erotically, but in this modern age, the widespread availability of digital erotica has offered them the power to take ownership of this fact? Let’s find out.

Medicine Woman



In The Wicked Bargain, Arabella Covington spent her youth following her father, a country physician, to his visits and helped him treat his patients. She learned medicine through this, like an apprentice. With this knowledge, she wants to be able to help the sick and wounded but she can’t. At this time period, early 1800s, women were only allowed to be midwives and nothing more.

A Multiple Birth Romance Story Wanted…so I Wrote it!


I’ve always had a fascination with multiple births. Several of my friends and family members are either twins or triplets and I thought, why not write a story involving a set of quintuplets while they are each trying to find love and happiness?

The Byronic Hero and Why Every Good Romance Novel Needs Him


Think about your favorite romantic novel and the chances are it contains a strong male protagonist. If this protagonist is aloof, independent, emotionally unavailable, deeply flawed, secretive, cunning yet somehow still loving and attractive, then the chances are he is a Byronic Hero and your favorite romance novel just wouldn’t be the same without him. He probably has several ladies swooning at his feet and maybe has a history of picking the wrong partner or is currently courting a superficial slip of a girl who can’t possibly match up to his towering intellect.  He may even be locked in an unhappy relationship, unable to stay yet unwilling to leave – until, that is, he meets his intellectual and emotional soul mate, falls head over heels in love with her, overcomes any obligatory obstacles and then dashes off into the sunset with his number one lady at his side (or, as with Heathcliff and Cathy, meets a tragic end).